05 August 2012

Ice Edge Cafe 2


Ice Edge Cafe 2
Venue: 203 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574344
Contact: +65 6255 4655
Opening Hours: Daily 12.00pm - 12.00am
Website: www.iceedgecafe.com.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/iceedgecafe

- The Shop
After more than two years of success at its maiden outlet located at Kovan, Chef and owner Damien Low has perfected his culinary and gelato making skills, and had opened its 2nd outlet at Upper Thomson Road named Ice Edge II, bringing great food and heavenly gelato to more customers.

Ice Edge is a one-of-a-kind fusion restaurant that offer Italian and Western cuisine.

The homely, casual alfresco dining has about 60 pax seating.



Sauces like tartar, honey mustard, black pepper, BBQ tomato, butter cream, mushroom sauce and many more are make from scratch, using the freshest ingredients available. Pizza dough and garlic bread are make from scratch to ensure consistent quality ensuring that every bite taken delights the senses and taste buds.

- The Food
Alcoholic Floats @ $9.80
Left: Lychee Martini Float using lemonade & lychee martini sorbet with dry martini. Deliciously refreshing and fruity.

Right: Baileys Milk Float, Milk, baileys gelato with baileys & espresso. Nice fragrant of coffee.

Both their alcoholic floats was light and not overly exotic. Good to keep the liquor light so that it won't spoilt our taste bud during meals.

Crab Bisque @ $7.80
The highly-seasoned homemade soup was smooth, creamy and slightly sweet topped with succulent crab meats and parsley. Accompanied with crusty garlic bread.

Mushroom Soup @ $5.00
I like the deep flavours and earthy scent of mushroom yet not overpowering. A delicious creamy soup that makes you want seconds. My only complain, the mushroom bits was too tiny.

Calamari Fritti @ $11.80
The lightly seasoned golden rings was a tad dry and less chewy.

Buffalo Wings @ $9.80
The invigorating spicy herds sauce will awaken your senses, it was full of flavor! The meat was moist and cook to rightness, personally I think the wings was seductive.

Rosemary Chicken @ $16.80
The boneless chicken thigh serve with red wine rosemary sauce was light in flavour.

Japanese Romana Pizza @ $15.80
The flakes was dancing beautifully when it was served to us. The pizza was thin and crusty, accompanied with tonkatsu sauce with melted mozzarella cheese, honey baked ham & fresh mushroom, topped with generous bonito flake & mayonnase. All flavours was beautifully melded together.

Laksa Risotto with Homemade Sausage @ $18.80
The in-house special laksa was authentic, flavourful and a tad spicy. The ground meat has a nice "sausage" flavoring. There was some tau pok in the risotto too! The local will like this.

Seafood Aglio Olio Spaghetti @ $15.80
Al dante spaggetti served with a medley of succulent seafood sauteed with fragrant pressed garlic, olive oil, chilli padi and chopped parsley.

King of Kings Combo @ $13.80
Mao Shang Wang lava cake was magical! The favour of durian was rich but not overly gooey. Decadent rivers of durian encased in soft fragrant cake, can't wait to indulge into the creamy pool of deliciousness, mmm.... All lava cake will be served with your favorite choice of gelato.

Gelato Toast @ $10.80
Golden toast drizzled with mixed berry sauce and mascarpone cheese served with a scoop of gelato.

The rocher ice cream taste like Ferrero Rocher chocolate truffle!

Waffle with Gelato @ $9.90 single scoop | $$17.00 three scoop
Enjoy a refreshing array of flavours gelato atop a freshly toasted waffle! Slathered the crispy & flavorful waffle with the ice cream is sooooo good that you may not want to savoring it with anyone!

We had the savory crepes with dark chocolate (back), lemongrass (right) and passionfruit (left) gelato. The dark chocolate was lovely, lemongrass scent was refreshing light and aromatic, passionfruit was slightly sweet and soury.

Chef Damien take great pride in using his own unique recipes and only the finest, freshest, wholesome ingredients go into the concoction of each naturally flavoured, tasty gelato.
Unique flavours like Chocolate Lavender (lavender was nicely subtle and chocolate was fragrant), Mao Shan Wang (its your lost not to try the durian flavours!), Salted Egg Yolk (a tad dry and doesn't have the grainy salted egg yolk), Baileys (alcoholic lover, this is for you!), Bak Kua (nice fragrant of bak kua, not greasy at all!) Lastly, you have to try the Lemongrass! It was a new flavours so it was not on the shelf during our visit.

My favourite 3 unique flavours are Lemongrass, Chocolate Lavender and Mao Shan Wang!

- My Opinion
The gelato was rich and complex, without being overwhelmingly sweet. It was flavoursome and not to be miss.

Tuck into sumptuous food and finish off with their scrumptious and luscious dessert!

A very nice causal place to hang out, I will definitely be back for more.

Thank you Damien and Krislyn for having us!

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