10 August 2012

WRS Food Trail 2012 @ Night Safari


If you have been following our blog, you will know this is the last stop of our WRS Food Trail.

Yes, we are having dinner at Night Safari, but No, there won't be any animals. However, we are taking a tour to behind-the-scenes in Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant kitchen.

Aren't you curious about the man behind Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s unique dining experiences?

Meet Executive Chef Kelvin Low, the culinary maestro behind award-winning dining experiences that include Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife at Singapore Zoo, Lunch with Parrots at Jurong Bird Park and Gourmet Safari Express at Night Safari.


Chef Low explaining how the kitchen line works.

Each cuisine has their own cooking station not to infuse mixture of flavor into the food.

The strong spice aroma from Indian food will contaminate other food if store together. Ttherefore they has a chiller for each cuisine, meat, veg/fruit and dairy to maintain the freshness with right temperature and not to infuse mixture of flavor.

Meat & Fish preparation room

The cold dish preparation room

Ulu Ulu Resturant offer an array of local favourites, such as chicken rice, satay and chilli crab and tonight we get to try few of the special.

We have a special seat arranged especially for us. Beautifully set up, cosy and romantic.

Ulu Ulu Chicken Satay
I was blown away by the savory peanut sauce, it was fragrant, smooth, chunky and slightly spicy. The succulent taste of the marinated skewered chicken was full of flavour even without the peanut sauce. I had not tasted such good satay and peanut sauce for a long time. Dunk the satay and ketupat in the sauce and its heaven!

Ulu Ulu BBQ Chicken Wing

This wing are absolutely delicious. They were cook to perfection, juicy meat with crispy skin. A tad sweet from the honey sauce on the skin, squeeze some lime and dip into the zingy chilli sauce, mmmm....

Trio Meat Platters Served with Fragrant Chicken Rice and Prawn Dumpling Soup with HK Chye Sim
The roast meats and shrimp wantons was decent. The chicken was a tad dry.

Indian Fish Tikka with Garlic Naan
This fish was juicy and delightful with a hint of spice. The garlic naan was soft yet toasty, favourful of garlic yet not overly rich. I prefer the red curry than the green as I don't know how to appreciate the spice and mint used in the green curry.

Ulu Ulu Chilli Crab with Mantou
The tender succulent crab cooked in the semi-thick spicy chilli gravy is a tad salty and spicy. Accompanied with hot mantou that is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Dessert in Sampler Cup
This is sea coconut, longan served with black grass jelly. A nice cup of dessert to chill on a hot weather and after a hearty meal.

All the food review above was served in tasting portion, they are not the actual serving size.

After the dinner we had free & easy tour to Night Safari, unfortunately it pours so heavily that we got wet even with brolly. And we ended the night after dinner.

Thank you Wildlife Reserves Singapore for having us and a big thank you to the staff of Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari for your gracious hospitality!

Take a tour of gastronomical delights at:
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WRS Food Trail - Dinner at Night Safari and behind-the-scenes tour in Ulu Ulu Safair Kitchen


  1. I'm quite surprised! The food actually looks quite good!

  2. for night safair, yes its good!! the satay can kill all the satay stall at lao pa sa. the chicken wings and crab is pretty good too.


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