26 January 2010

Baking Adventures Begin...

Woo Hoo!! Finally I had bought a oven last night (25-Jan-2010, Monday).

I am so excited and looking forward to my baking adventures. I love home cooked food and home baked stuff. But never get a chance to bake.

Now I can pick up some skill and finally all the baking receipt I had kept from magazine are in use!


Cheesecake (Non-Bake) (芝士冻饼-免烤)

Cheesecake (Non-Bake)
There are quite a few type of Cheesecake that doesn't require baking. More or less are the same, except some don't include lemon juice. And some with geltine and some doesn't, more butter or lesser etc.

However this cheesecake I'm sharing with you is one of the better version I'd tried. It's really so tasty that so many of my colleagues asked for the receipe after I bought the cheesecake to office to share with them.

21 January 2010

Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake

Chocolate are absolutely a luscious, luxurious, sinful & irresistible to me!! Being a super duper choclate lover, I am so ecstatic when I found this steam chocolate cake recipe that doesn't require baking.

Since I do not have an oven at home, there are very limited cake I can try without the usage of an oven.

I found this recipe at Peng's Kitchen 2days ago. And she got it from Honeysuckle Creations. I couldn't wait for weekends to try out this recipe, and decided to do it on Thursday night

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