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Celestial [suh-les-chuhl] comes from my name and connotes the meaning “Heavenly”, Delish [di-ˈlish] is a modern slang for delicious. Celestial Delish represents our commitment to bringing you truly heavenly taste, with honest-to-goodness, recipe and food.

I am a photographing enthusiast with passion for baking & cooking. I loves travelling although didn't get many chance to do so. And a avid fan of ANTM, Hell Kitchen & Kitchen Nightmares!

I like to get busy in the kitchen, I certainly like to eat, and I enjoy learning new recipes (I can spend hours fascinating with magazine/book/blog that offer glimpses of amazing food photos!). I'm a SUPER chocoholic (minus the saccharin formula) & am overwhelmed with cream cheese! My greatest enjoyment in baking is able to adjust the ingredients to my liking, (reduces preservative intake so it's more nutritious), and it’s often substantially pricier than what you find in the store because of better quality. Favourite moment is seeing my loves one indulging in the food I prepared and singing with praises.

I bought my first (and only)oven in 2010 and started my food journal in mid 2011. Food photography is also something new that I instantly fall in love with. I want to share my passion and filled this blog with scrumptious recipes & dining experience accompanied by wonderful food photographs, and who knows, maybe you will get inspired too!

Bon appétit!

Celes 思凯拉 ツ

*PS: All content and photos of this blog are copyrighted by me. If you needs to use my photo(s) for whatsoever reason, please write to me, do not steal them.

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