15 August 2012

Homemade Soymilk with Joyoung Soymilk Marker


More and more people are attracted by the charm of soymilk. Beside drinking soymilk, it can be flavored in rice, porridge, cake, pudding, ice cream and many more delicacy.

Now homemade soymilk is more convenience with Joyoung Soymilk Marker, bringing you a full enjoyment of relaxing cooking process with the multifunction buttons on the appliance.


Although it is more time-saving and convenient not to soak the beans but soaking the beans will release the nutrition fully. Nevertheless the amazing Joyoung Soy Milk Marker can grind your beans whether its soaked or dry.

Recipe: Homemade SoyMilk

Makes: 4 cups

• 130g organic soya beans (i use 150g)
• 1,300ml water
• 30g rock sugar (add more if you prefer sweeter taste)

1. Wash and soak soya beans in water for 8-hours.
(soaked beans will double to tripling in their size, you can't close the lid if you have more than 150g soaked beans)
IMG_4533edit1 IMG_4537edit1

2. Discard the soaked water. Place soaked soya beans and water in the Joyoung Soymilk Marker and select "Soaked Beans" (I prefer to use "Dry Beans" even I soaked them, I will explain further later).
IMG_4669edit1 IMG_4679edit1

3. The machine will beep when its done. Filter out the residues, add rock sugar, stir well and its ready to serve.

- a min of 900ml water is require, max 1,300ml water. the appliance won't operate for anything less or more.
- ratio of soy bean to water is 10g = 100ml, add more beans if you prefer richer taste.
- water level will decrease to about 100-200ml after cooked.
- soy beans can be replace with black beans for black beans soymilk.
- add 20g dried rose flowers for rose soymilk. rose gives beautiful skin and prevent constipation.
- soymilk will taste better without the residues, but the dietary fiber remains by keeping residues.

Here is a test I did using same amount of beans and water for soaked beans with different mode.
using "Soaked Bean" mode                        using "Dry Bean" mode
IMG_4549edit1(soaked) IMG_4578edit1 (hard)
The residues were more fine for "Dry Bean" mode even both beans were soaked. The soymilk is slightly richer and thicker in taste too. Personally I like to use "Dry Bean" mode even I soaked my beans as I prefer the richer texture. But its up to individual.

The machine is not ultra silent as it claim to be, but I think is bearable and not loud like thunder. Here are some clips for your better understanding about the Joyoung DJ13C-D08D(C) Soy Milk Marker.

Noise using "Soaked Bean" function for soaked beans.

Noise using "Dry Bean" function for soaked beans.

Beeping alert when it's done.

Video clips are taken with a mobile phone, please bear with my shaky hand and unsharp imagine.

If you have not heard about Joyoung Soy Maker and have not been following my blog, click HERE to find out more about this exciting product.


  1. Thanks so much for introducing/sharing this soybean maker.  However your video clips do not allow viewing.  How can we view them? 

  2. Hi Helen,

    The video can be play and view on my blog. It can be watched on youtube too. If you have problem viewing, maybe is the browner error?

  3. I love the second photo! Looks very professionally taken!

  4. hi, may i noe where can get this soybean maker?

  5. Hi Elin,

    Joyoung soymilk makers are retailing at Audio House, Best Denki, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Isetan, Mustafa, NTUC X-tra major electrical stores.

    You can read up more info about them @ http://www.celestialdelish.com/2012/08/joyoung-soymilk-maker.html


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