13 August 2012

Joyoung Soymilk Maker Official Launch in Singapore


I received an invitation through Ellena's recommendation to attend the official launch of No.1 Soymilk Maker in the World. Proudly brought to you by Happiness Pte Ltd, Joyoung, the number 1 brand in Multifunction Soymilk Maker.

Ellena and I join the rest of the media at the official launch of Joyoung Soymilk Maker and witness the amazing functions of the appliance.

Opening speech
Sharing with us a little background on Happiness Pte Ltd. They are the sole distributor of Turbo Italia, has worked with manufacturers in Italy since 1974 to bring in a wide range of quality cooking appliances. Now you know why they are bringing in Joyong Soymilk Marker to Singapore.

Follow on by Ms Lim, General Manager of Happiness Pte Ltd.
She shared with us the versatility and convenience of this all-purpose appliance. A pioneer technology, Joyoung Soy Milk Marker has over 200 patent rights over the past 18-years of R&D. You can whip up delicious soups, desserts, multi-grains, Hong Kong style porridge, red/green/almond/walnut paste and this list of this handy appliance is endless.

The two models which will be available in the Singapore market are

DJ13C-D08D(S) @ S$268.00                                     DJ12C-A11D(S) @ S$218.00
IMG_3983edit1    IMG_3982edit1

The D08D soy milk marker also comes with an easy-wash function so maintenance is a cinch.

The smart appliance won't operate if there is too little, there must be at least 90ml water. A side note, do not use the appliance continuous 3 times, else it may overheat.

Mr Mao, owner of Joyoung sharing a little background on his company.
Joyoung Co. Ltd was established in 1994 and is a modern enterprise that focuses on the research & development, production, sales for the soymilk maker field as well as other home appliance such as juice extractor, electric kettle, rice cooker, slow cooker and induction cooker. They are the pioneer and leader of soymilk marker and has become a well-known household electrical appliance enterprise for healthy diet.

Their product are very popular in USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and many other countries and regions.

Thereafter Chef Anna Phua of Food & Beverage Consultant showcasing 8 recipes created by her using Joyoung soymilk marker.

The chicken porridge was super fine that you cannot see any rice grain! Suitable for making babies food.

Healthy homemade strawberry jam is a button away!

Lao Ban soymilk pudding? Using fresh soy beans and not soy power!

The almond oats tea was good and full of fragrant. Going on a diet? How does homemade walnut paste sound? All paste made from this machine was very fine, creamy, smooth and aromatic. Wow, you can now make soy milk and a suite of desserts at the click of a button, it is such a breeze to operate!

More info sharing after the cooking demonstration.

Thanks to Joyoung, Happiness Pte Ltd and Brand-Cellar for the soy marker!

Each media received a press gift DJ13C-D08D(S)
12 rounds of product improvement have culminated in the creation of latest new model DJ13C-D08D(S). It also include a Scrub Pad and Metal Strainer.

The smaller cup is a measurement cup, 1 full cup makes 90g of soy beans

A small brush to wash the blade area

Ultra-fine grinding, 360C heating, and intelligent temperature control

Happiness Pte Ltd is the sole distributors and are distributing to the channels as mentioned below. They are not affiliated to the selling at G Market and they are of different model. Joyoung soymilk makers are retailing at Audio House, Best Denki, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Isetan, Mustafa, NTUC X-tra major electrical stores.

I will share with you on personal optional and recipes what we can do with this machine in forthcoming posts. Stay tune on the exciting recipes!

Homemade Soya Milk Recipe @ http://www.celestialdelish.com/2012/08/homemade-soymilk.html


  1. I would like to see the ease of recipes being made& the availability in the US market.

  2. Jmartinez121,

    Stay tune, I will posting recipe on soy milk, smoothie, jam and other dessert using this machine.

  3. Where can I find directions in English? I am living in China and just purchased one. I'm not sure what all the symbols represent and the recipes are all in Chinese.

  4. Hi Jeff,

    Are you using the same model as me? If you are, I can tell you how to use, its really easy and straight forward.

  5. Wow - that was quick! :) No it's not the same model. I recognize some of the same pictures, but mine has more. A few that look like a glass? one or two that looks like a carrot and onion? But what I am really just looking for to start with is just wet or dry bean for soy milk and maybe some simple soup? Now that I see your pictures, in English, it looks like i have been using the grains setting, I was told that that was quick setting for soy milk? Also does it really make a difference if I soak them or not and just use the dry setting. I have been playing with it and I cant really tell the difference. I use it for breakfast so the fastest way is what I am looking for! :) Thanks for the reply!

  6. Hi, sorry if this is a duplicate, I didn't see my reply posted.. It's not the same model. not sure what Mod I have, I'm at work. Mine has more buttons along the top; a couple that look like a glass- assume for smoothy- and 1 or 2 that look like a carrot and onion along with what you have. Looking at your picture in English, it looks like I may be using the "grain" selection. I was told that was quick start soy milk button??? I know I have the dry bean button, don't recognize the wet bean one tho? I like to have hot soy milk for breakfast and I want it the fastest way possible. I assume that is to soak the bean and use wet bean option. The other thing is some simple soup like pumpkin or potato.. Not sure what selection/picture to use? Thanks for your help!

  7. Hi Jeff,

    Perhaps you want to pop by at my post on using the machine to make soya milk, i have a short video clip too http://www.celestialdelish.com/2012/08/homemade-soymilk.html

    If you doesn't have time to soak your beans you can simply use the DRY mode. But to be honest, even when I soak my beans for 8hrs, i prefer the DRY mode than soak mode, as it make my beans more fine. Soaking your beans for 6-8 hrs is good. U can read up more info on the link I gave you.

  8. Hi Jeff,

    No problem, that's bcos I need to approve the comment before it will appear on my blog. ;)

    For soup like pumpkin or potato, you should use RICE PASTE mode, which can be use for making walnut paste, porridge, and soup. It look like a icon of a bowl with steam.

    As for the dry and wet beans mode, you can refer to the link I had given you in my previous reply. ;)

  9. u're welcome ;) have a awesome time with the maker, it can do a lot of wonders ;D

  10. I have found really nice blog....you have shared nice info.It useful info .Thank for sharing.

  11. Hi Amjad,

    Thanks much! Glad to share, and happy to know you enjoy. Cheers.

  12. hello
    can I know where can I get it in singapore?
    I will be travelling to singapore next month, i would be grateful if you are kind enough to tell me the address to purchase this wonderful soya bean maker.
    thanks in advance.

  13. Hi Seprienna,

    As mentioned in the post, Joyoung soymilk makers are retailing at Audio House, Best Denki, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Isetan, Mustafa, NTUC X-tra and major electrical stores.

    There are many Best Denki, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Isetan and NTUC X-tra branches in Singapore, I can't list down all the address for you, however you can easily google for the address and see which is nearer to the hotel you are staying. Hope this helps.

  14. Many thanks for the information.
    Truthfully, I never heard 2/3 of the above retails shop.But i will find out using google.
    thanks again.

  15. Hi Seprienna,

    Here are some links for the locations of the retail shop.

    1) Audio House, 177 River Valley Road #04-01/15, Liang Court Shopping Centre Singapore 179030, Tel: 6336 7177

    2) Best Denki -> List of stores locations @ http://go.bestdenki.com.sg/store-locator

    3) Harvey Norman -> list of stores locations @ http://www.harveynorman.com.sg/store-locations.html#.UaV_YJxmNxU

    4) Isetan -> List of stores locations @ https://www.isetan.com.sg/about-isetan

    5) NTUC X-tra -> List of stores locations @ http://www.fairprice.com.sg/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreLocatorCmd?storeId=90001&catalogId=10051&storesView=ContentView&Corporate=Y&strType=FairPrice%20Xtra

    These few are the bigger stores and mostly located in town area which is easily accessible by our public transport Mrt. Hope this helps and this is the best I can do, as it is really too lengthy to type out the whole chunk of address here, plus I am not the company selling this product.

  16. Hi, I know this is an old post but I just got a joyoung machine and it does not have a recipe book in it. Will you share the recipes you have? I really want to try making strawberry jam and porridge.i have been searching but can't find any links on that. Thank you so much. Hope to hear from ya soon

  17. Hi Kerry,

    I can email you the receipts... Porridge is pretty easy, but I can email you their cantonese version porridge if you like. Let me know =)

  18. hi, it will be great if you will share all the recipes you have with me. I can't wait to try the other functions on the machine, have only tried making soymilk so far.
    please email me at kerry.pang@gmail.com. Thank you so much, appreciate your time.

  19. Hi Kerry,

    Had been very busy lately. And I am going to be out of town. Can you send you the recipes when I am back next week?

  20. Hi celestialDelish

    I have bought a joyoung soyamilkmaker and do not hv a recipe book. Sometime ago, when I logged into the website soyamilkmaker.com, I found recipe like almond paste, cream of mushroom soup, etc which I can open. Now I try to log in, I am unable because it is password protected. They are selling the model cts1098 and give the customers exclusive rights to access if they purchase from them.

    Just wonder if you hv the recipe and if you could email me (whanleong_2000@hotmail.com).

    Thank you
    Leong Wun Han

  21. Hi CelestialDelish

    I have a joyoung soyamilkmaker. Sometime ago, I tried logging into this website soyamilkmaker.com, I was able to access recipe like cream of mushroom soup, almond paste. However, now it is password protected as it may be used only by consumers who purchased model CTS1098 from them.

    I just wonder do you have the recipe or you may be able to gain access to the website. If you have, pls send it to me (whanleong_2000@hotmail.com).

    Thank you

  22. Hi hi
    I'm keen on the recipes too! I bought mine in china and somehow managed to lose the recipe book. Sigh...
    Sorry to trouble you but if you can forward me what you emailed Kerry that would be marvellous :)
    My email is chrishoyc@yahoo.com.sg
    Thanks much!!


  23. Will you still be able to share the recipes :)


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