22 November 2012

Last Day of 14 Days Blogger Challenge


We have come to the end of the 14 days Lion City's Blogger Challenge. We hope we have not overwhelm you with too much of coffee/tea and jams for the past 14days. But I am sure you will love the easy yet goodness recipes that we have share with you. Not forgetting the photos that will make you want to have a bite of whatever our friends are having. And the interesting knowledge of Gold Kili and Frezfruta products.

We thanks those who has help to like each and every single photos on instagram and facebook, the retweet on twitter and all the support! Even if we didn't win, we have a fun time, don't we? Hell ya!!

Here are some great moments that we like to share with you... Oh no, don't worry, they are not coffee or jam, they are human!

What cosplayer do when having their break...
IMG_5903 IMG_5904
IMG_5905 IMG_5914
IMG_5909 IMG_5910
IMG_5917 IMG_5918
IMG_5927 IMG_5930
Thank you Hana, Rus, Audrey for your photo and help!!

Rock & Roll with Gold Kili & Frezfruta!
IMG_5942 IMG_5946
IMG_5947 IMG_5948
IMG_5943 IMG_5945
IMG_5953 IMG_5950
IMG_5951 IMG_5952
Thank for all the fun moments friends!! You guys rock!!

Check out some of the recipes we had posted using Gold Kili & Frezfruta products:
- Easy Strawberry Cheesecake Cup (草莓芝士冻饼)
- French Crepes with Frezfruta Jam
- Coconut Jam Cookie (椰丝果醬餅乾)
- Homemade Frappuccinos (特濃焦糖咖啡)
- Kopi-O Glaze Pork Ribs (烧烤咖啡猪肋骨)

Before the challenge, we had also posted two recipe using their products:
- Apple Blueberry Milk Tea Cake
- Peach Mustard Chicken

Have fun trying them!

More fun photos for the whole challenge can be view at http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.216975041767839.56094.128130283985649&type=3.

Good night all!

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