14 November 2012

Gold Kili Instant Beverages

Kopi-O Kosong: Experience the finest grounded Arabica beans in a cup. This unique blend of coffee boost is full-bodied and has a sustained balance of flavour. Drink it as it is or with the amount of sugar you desire. Where nothing less will do but a perfect cup of coffee.

We have share a little facts about Frezfruta Jams in our previous post, now shall we tell ya something about Gold Kili Instant Beverages too?

About Gold Kili
Gold Kili embodies over two decades of great-tasting drinks. Established in 1985 as a local coffee manufacture and distributor, Gold Kili now has a great selection of Instant Beverages, including the ever popular Instant Honey Ginger and Instant Honey Chrysanthemum.

Over the years, Gold Kili has been tirelessly generating an ongoing series of innovation Instant Beverages that is not only high in quality but also innovative and enticing to both local and global consumers. Even so, Gold Kili continuously invest in proprietary, hygienic and modern manufacturing process to preserve the fresh taste and flavour of the natural ingredients, as well as insist on stringent quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process.

In Singapore, Gold Kili Instant Beverages is retailing in coffee shops, provision and convenience stores, as well as major supermarkets like NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Shiong, Cold Storage and Giant. Intentionally, Gold Kili exports to over 25 countries.

Double Shot Instant White Milk Tea
A rich, intensive fragrant tea extracted from premium grade black tea leaves. Its taste is reminiscent of Hong Kong's famous si mat nai cha ("stocking milk tea"). An extra shot gives extra "oomph".

Double Shot Instant White Coffee
This drink features the strong full-bodied taste of the finest Arabica Beans blended with rich creamer. It is also the first instant coffee in the market that has the added benefits of Inulin*. Its called double shot because an extra shot of coffee gives its taste extra "oomph".

*Inulin: A group of naturally occurring polysaccharides (simple sugars produced by many types of plants). It is known to increase calcium absorption while promoting the growth of intestinal bacteria.

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