12 November 2012

Frezfruta Jams


I am sure by now, you guys must be wondering what's with all the morning post about Gold Kili Instant Beverages and Frezfruta Jams. If you are actively on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all other social media platform, you will be flooded with photos of their products.

If you aren't, read up my previous post Get Out of the Box with Gold Kili & Frezfruta, about the 14-days bloggers challenge.

Maybe a little introduction on their products before I start drowning you with more exciting recipes, scrumptious photos and interesting post.

About Frezfruta Jams
Established in 1968, Frezfruta Jam Manufacturing Pte Ltd (formally known as Sinsin Jam Manufacturing Pte Ltd) - is Singapore's very own jam brand.

To cater for growing demand, the factory has been relocated into a bigger premises and better facilities in Malaysia and supervised by the management team from Singapore.

In addition to its strong presence in Singapore, Frezfruta Jam has also established a foothold in South East Asia, Australia, Hong Kong and various parts of the Middle East.

Lion City Distributions is a joint venture between Gold Kili and Frezfruta to penetrate, distribute and cater to the ever-growing demands of the consumer market in Singapore.

Apple Blueberry Jam
The first apple blueberry jam in the market made from IQF* fresh fruits, with a high fruit content of 50% - this is natural goodness at its best. Singaporeans love apple jams and blueberry jams so this is marriage of the best flavors. IQF* fruits are frozen when the fruits are at its freshest, and IQF* fresh fruits make jams that are delicious, bottling freshness at its best.

Formerly presented in a tin can, this orange-coloured kaya is given a new packaging - it now comes in a classy glass bottle. However, grandmas can still find their "tin-can" kaya in the supermarkets.

Now: "What's inside hasn't changed." Says Mr. S.Y. Tan, Frezfruta Jam's Managing Director. "The taste and quality of the kaya is the same as before, but now it's in a jar and has a fresh new look, a sign of the changing times. Hopefully, we can attract a new consumer segment which was previously not inclined to try it."

*IQF: An acronym for "Individually Quick Frozen", this is a food processing method that quickly freezes fruits at its freshest. By doing so, it maintains the quality of the freshly harvested fruits by capturing all of its flavours, nutritional goodness and textural attributes. These products are great tasting on its own and can also be used to make delicious, healthy dishes for the entire family to enjoy.

This is one of the post for 14days Lion City's 'Get Out of the Box" Blogger Challenge. If you like the photos we especially shoot and design for this challenge, please give us a like on our Facebook album. Each like will earn us 1 point, and 2 points for each share. Thanks and Good Luck to us! (Challenge end 22 Nov 2012)

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