23 November 2012

Cooling Remedies for Fever - Ling Yang Drink


Hubby has fever and tonsil infection (tonsillitis) for several days, antibiotics and medication doesn't seem to fight the virus.

His body is burning high especially in the night, and this can be quite worrying. I took a day off and bring him to another doctor and was advise to go A&E for stronger medication as his tonsil are badly inflamed and swollen. Man can be quite stubborn, even he is seriously ill, he refuse to go A&E as he felt is not beyond cure (yet).

So I try all type of home remedies to bring down the fever, and one of the method is boiling cooling drinks like pearl barley and ling yang (antelope's horn tea).

Ling yang dispel heatiness, it also soothes irritability and aids in alleviating dry mouth, extinguishes wind, controls spasms and convulsions. They have different grade and range from $10 - $40. And yap, it did help to bring down the temperature, but can't guarantee if it is ling yang or he had drank too much cooling drinks or I had make him sweat it out. Nevertheless I am sure the drink deserve some credit.

Makes: 2 cups

• 10g ling yang (chamois horns - 羚羊)
• 10g mai dong (ophiopogon japonicus - 麥冬)
• 4 bundle of deng xin cao (jucus effusus - 燈心草)
• 18g winter melon strips
• 3 cups of water (700ml)

1. Bring everything to boil, reduce the fire to lowest, and simmer for 30min.

2. Drink it warm or have it chill.

- if you have a double boil, its best to double boil for 1 hour

chamois horns - 羚羊

ophiopogon japonicus - 麥冬

jucus effusus - 燈心草

winter melon strips

This drink can be taken on normal days too, however not for daily drinks, especially for people with asthma as it can be over cooling for the lungs.

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