27 July 2012

Wisma Atria Food Republic

"Cinema on wheels" used by traders in the past to hawk movie screenings

Food Republic @ Wisma Atria
Venue: 435 Orchard Road, Level 4 Wisma Atria, Singapore 238877
Contact: -
Opening Hours: Mon - Thu, Sun, PH: 10am - 10pm |Fri, Sat, Eve of PH: 10am-11pm
Website: http://foodrepublic.com.sg

- The Shop
The newly renovated Food Republic at level four of Wisma Atria has officially opens its door to public on 14 June 2012. The nearly 23,000 square foot eatery offers favourite snacks and meals from 23 food stations, 3 mini restaurants and 1 kiosk designed with a 1960s-style hawker outlook.

Great mix of old favourites and new stalls to increase dining options, Food Republic at Wisma also creates nooks that feature exhibits that highlight various icons from 1960s Singapore.


A typical cozy home from the era

Carrom is a family of tableboard games with gameplay that lies somewhere between billiards and table shuffleboard.

Vinyls bearing covers featuring famous 60's singers

Its authentic decor and design will bring back fond memories of the good old days

- The Food
1) Ice Shop
The Ice Shop is touted to serve one of the best, if not THE best chendol in Orchard Road. The Gula Melaka sourced from Indonesia has no white sugar used and Aunty Sally mixes coconut juice with coconut milk to give a more refreshing taste. She also makes her own grass jelly. With over 15 cold and 5 hot selections, these desserts definitely leaves a sweet ending to any meal.

Chendol @ $2.80
The coconut milk base was smooth and not overly rich, red beans were packed with robust fragrance, green jelly was springy, gula melaka was fragrant but will be more inviting if it is more intense.

Glass Jelly Black Longan @ $2.80
The translucent thick block of grass jelly was compliment with generous amount of longan. The overall taste was decent.

2) Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
The 60-seater mini restaurant offer inventive and authentic Japanese fare at affordable prices.

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar's recipe to success lies in the quality of their ingredients which they fly in from Japan, Norway, Australia and Canada as well as the personable experience that the affable Chef Patrick provides for his diners.

Carpaccio @ $18
Thinly slicing fresh swordfish and tuna, serving it with savory sauce. The sauce has strong and nice fragrant of citrus vinaigrette, topped with lots of garlic. The sensational taste was very appetizing and additive. One of my favourite dish!

Shiok Maki @ $16.80
Avocado and unagi wrapped sushi, topped with a slice of salmon with mayonnaise and finally finish with blow-torch cheese and fish roes. The fish roes burst in the mouth, dousing my palate with flavours from all the ingredients that work perfectly with each other. Incredibly flavourful! I am definitely coming back for more!

3) Indonesian Padang
All dishes (right down to the sauces) are prepared from scratch and ingredients are sourced from Indonesia. Indonesia Padang's sister outlet, Padang Padang at ION Food Opera was crowned one of the top 3 Hawker Kings at Food Republic.

Nasi Kuning @ $7.20
The yellow rice served in a form of cone surrounded by chunks of tender beef redang (flavourful of coconut milk and spice and a tad spicy), perkedel, pickles and crispy crackers. It's guaranteed to satisfy any diner who's looking for an all-in-one meal.

Ayam Merah Set B (1 Meat + 1 Vegetable + Rice) @ $5.50
A tad spicy and sweet at the same time, spice and creaminess from coconut milk make the curry savoury. However the chicken was less juicy and a little dry.

4) Hyangtogol Korean
Opened by the very people behind the original Hyantogol housed at level 2 of Amara Hotel, founder Dr. Kim Ho Jea believes in always putting his customer first and serving food with care. To ensure authenticity in taste, ingredients are directly imported from Korea and even the chefs preparing the food are from Korea.

Samgyetang Ginseng Chicken Soup @ $18.00
The broth was infuse with sweet flavour but lack of fragrant from ginseng. There were some ginseng roots in the soup, but there wasn't a slight of ginseng taste. And I thought the tradition way is stuffing glutinous rice, jujubes and etc into the chicken, but I couldn't find any of this ingredients in the soup. Pretty disappointing for $18.

Bulgogi Marinated BBQ Beef @ $8.00
The dish was decent and a tad sweet. Personally I think the marinated sauce could enhance the flavor and its tenderization further.

Bulgogi Marinated BBQ Chicken @6.50
The dish was decent and a tad sweet. Personally I think the marinated sauce could enhance the flavor and its tenderization further.

Soondubujigae @ $6.50
The spicy stew has generous serving of soft silky tofu, few clams and shrimps. I will prefer it to be more spicy thou but I must admit that I have unusual of spiciness intake than normal people.

5) Thye Hong
With over 40 years of history, Thye Hong insisted on serving its fare on Opei leaves specially imported from Malaysia and Indonesian. The leaf infuses a subtle, woody fragrance to enhance the taste of the noodles. What's more, Thye Hong was hand-picked by the Singapore Tourism Board to showcase his Char Kway Teow as one of our nation's most celebrated local specialties at the Culinary Institute of America in California.

Char Kway Teow @ $4.50/ $6.50/ $8.50
The classic char kway teow was less oily compare to the usual one, still moist but not overly greasy. It has cockles, Chinese sausage, bean sprouts and some green veggies, all the flavours were beautifully melded together.

Fried Prawn Noodle @ $5.20/ $7.20/ $9.20
The noodles are well infused with prawn stock, but same like Katong 112 Food Republic, they don't have a balance of rice and yellow noodles. Maybe this is their style to use more rice noodles than yellow noodles.

6) Toa Payoh Lorong 1 Fish Soup
What make their dish so popular is because they use Batang fish in their preparation and is extremely generous with the portions. Fish slices are generally thicker and smoother and the soup is clear and tasty.

Double Fish Soup Delight @ $6.00
Fresh slices of fish and fried fish meat was mediocre. Personally I felt the stock was subtle in fragrant and limp in flavor. Its too bland for all our liking.

Sour and Spicy Soup in Mini Steamboat @ $6.00
The tangy spicy soup was potent & piquant that every mouthful is mind blowing! The chillis have a lingering spiciness that sits in the back of your throat. By the way, if I thinks the soup is spicy, it should be extremely spicy for most. It's proven, everyone on our table think it is way too spicy for their liking except Charlene who is a weirdo like me, lol. If you don't have a fire-proof palate, you better prepare a big cup of icy cold drink!

7) Odeon Beef Noodle
Odeon Beef Noodl used to located opposite the old Odeon theatre at North Bridge Road, althought the stall is no longer around, the family business continued with its second generation now operating in food courts. Using only premium Australian beef and noodles from a supplier that has been around for 3 generations, it is no wonder that they are a hit when it comes to taste and tradition.

Beef Noodle Dry @ $5.00
The "QQ" noodles drenched with smooth, robust and fortifying herbal beef bone broth that was brewed for 4-5hours. The dry noodles in thick gravy was tasty and packed with flavour. The soup has nice fragrant of beef stock with mild herbal taste. Both the slice beefs and beef balls was succulent. One of my favourite!

Beef Organ Set @ $7.00
The beef broth was fragrant with mild herbal taste. The organs was cooked just right, retaining a nice chewy, tender, leaving a sensation of freshness and sweetness from the stock.

- My Opinion
It was a enjoyable experience tasting the local and international dishes all in one food court! The newly renovated concepts of the 1960s gives a great vintage and cultural to our foreigner friends and younger generations of locals.

From grabbing breakfast on the run to taking a mid-window shopping break over traditional local desserts, Food Republic at Wisma has something for all tastes. The eclectic menu offers an array of choices throughout the day to appeal to the demands of the people who live, work or visit the neighbourhood of Orchard Road.

Thank you Food Republic and Touch Communications for having us and thanks much Eileen and Grace for your warm hospitality.

A group shot with the company of foodie friends.
Cheryl - Ms-SkinnyFat, ME, Alexis - AlexisCheong, Charlene - Missuschewy, ZhiHao.

Thank you Charlene for extending the invites to all of us!


  1. Gosh! All the food look yummy! Esp the Japanese sections!!!!!!!!

  2. Ellena,

    The Japanese is highly raved! MUST TRY!! I also like the beef noodles a lot.

    If you are adventure enough, try the
    Sour and Spicy Soup in Mini Steamboat from Toa Payoh Lorong 1 Fish Soup. See how far your tastebud can take the spiciness, lolz.


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