11 July 2012

3 Inch Sin


3.Inch.Sin Full Size Chocolate Goodness
Venue: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-103 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596
Contact: +65 6333 4562
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am - 9.30pm
Website: www.3inchsin.com

- The Shop
Opened by a brother and sister team Kevin and Celine Yeo, 3 INCH SIN specialises in molten chocolate cakes with surprising, playful fillings like orange, coffee and mint.

The shop offers more than 10 molten chocolate cakes with interesting flavours like Cherries Jubilee, White Chocolate, Bitter Orange, Raspberry, Peanut Butter, Lemon etc.


They also have ice cream to pair with your cake and other pastries like muffin, scones etc

The small and casual L-shaped cafe & dessert bar has about 10-12 seats by the side, and 2 long tables right at the end.

- The Food
Ice Chocolate @ $5.50
This indulgent drink served with thick dark chocolate sauce and topped with coco powder. The chocolate sauce did add fragrance to the drink, but coming from a super chocolate lover point of view, this drink isn't obscenely rich, but the sweetness was just right.

*Do not disturb* Busy now, please come back later

The signature molten cake @ $6.50 non alchohol | $7.50 alcochol

Lena waiting to indulge into her molten cake

Original Molten Cake (70% dark chocolate) @ $6.50
The cake was soft, moist and not too sweet. Valrhona chocolate was rich and luscious. The center was thick and sticky, it will be utter satisfying if the centre was more ooey-gooey.

Cherries Jubilee (alcohol) @ $7.50
Same type of chocolate as the Original, except there were whole cherries in the molten cake.

I likes the distinct kick of alcohol in the cherries and the subtle cherry sweetness, however the centre was too creamy and thick. Personally, I will prefer a liquid lusciously melted centre oozes out of the warm cake (like molten chocolate cake from Pietro Ristorante Italiano and Ice Edge Cafe II!).

- My Opinion
I stumble upon DanielFoodDiary post on this cafe sometime back and decided to bring Lena (also a chocolate lover) to try the Baileys Premium Molten Cake and Royal Chocolate Cake.

We went there with excitement but was filled with disappointment as both items was not available for the day! We were curious why the highly raved cakes are not available on a daily base. The staff said they don't prepare all types of cakes everyday to prevent wastage as customers don't buy them everyday and we just have to try our luck because she don't know which day it will be available.

Feeling even more disappointed, we walk away to look around for other cafe. But after awhile Lena decided to try the Original molten cake because she can't stop thinking of the oozing chocolate. This time a different staff was on duty and we asked why the Baileys molten cake and Royal chocolate cake was not available, and she said it was sold out.

We were there around 3.30pm, so which staff is proving the correct info? I think it's best that you call before heading down to avoid disappointment.


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