20 July 2012

Gourmet Journey at Liang Court

177 River Valley Road, Liang Court, Singapore 179030. Tel: 6336 7184

Its Friday!! And no, I am not going to post any food review today, but shopping! We were invited by AsiaMalls Management for a GOURMET JOURNEY in Japanese style at Liang Court last weekend.

Be spoilt by yummy treats, cooking demonstrations, authentic Japanese performances or take part in a series of gourmet challenges to win prizes. If these are not enough, you can redeem a sushi cushions when you spend $120 at the mall.

Shoppers who spend $120*^ ($240 at MEIDI-YA & Audio House) can redeem a Sushi Cushion with 4 different designs available weekly. ^PRIME members only need to spend $70 ($140 in Audio House and Meidi-Ya Supermarket) to qualify. Limited to 1 redemption per shopper per day. Max 2 same-day receipts. While stocks last.

For the little ones, pick up complimentary coloring book, with stickers and stamps! Get your kids creativity going coloring pages of yummy cuisine. Kids can also take part in a series of workshops which include sushi making and apron designing!

Hubby was suppose to enjoy the shopping with me but he was not well and decided to give it a miss to rest at home. Therefore I went ahead to meet Derrick, Vicki, Charlene and Zhihao for lunch at Dulcet & Studio, a new concept by Tampopo group.

Dulcet & Studio #01-41
The cosy and laid-back cafe is self service. You can tick your orders on the form and bring it to the cashier to place your order. Collect your own cutlery & sauces, and clear your table when you are done. So there is no service charge here.

Drinks at $5.00 each

Bacon & Mushroom Cream Tagliolini Pasta @ $12.00

Fish & Chips @ $11.00

Cream Puff @ $2.60 each / $5.00 for 2

Scoop Cake @ $6.00
I had their signature cake because we had less than 30min left for lunch and I wasn't really hungry. The cake was less sweet, fluffy sponge sandwich in light fragrant cream with fresh fruit. I Love It!!

Thank you Charlene, you know why. (Photo credit to Charlene)

After lunch, we went to watch the authentic Japanese performance.

Entertained by traditional KOTO, lion dance with mask, MIYAKE DAIKO and folk dance performances by the Japanese community.

The cute boy wearing a mask to support the show.

The community behind the mask performance.

The Flip Flop Shop #01-K7
Around the atrium there is a retailer of casual apparel and footwear principally targeting all men and women who love rugged and casual with a touch of vintage inspired style.

There is also a Meidi-Ya Food & Kitchenware Fair at the atrium.

One of my favourite fashion shop is LALU #01-14&21/22
Inspired by the rustic mood of the 80s, LALU aspire to reinstate its nostalgia memoirs through its interior décor presentation and wide offerings of fashion collections, fashion accessories and interior enhancement accents.

The fashion accessories collections work to compliment the fashion collections with a wide array of varieties ranging from bags, sunglasses, watches, necklaces, shoes to hats, rings and earrings.

The dress really look good on Charlene, no?

The interior enhancement selection includes home accents such as photo frames, flowers & vases, wall paintings, display figurines, laundry baskets, wind chimes, stationeries and candle stands.


Check out the walking sushi and the really cute "chef"

One of the interesting Gourmet Challenge was the Subway Tasters Challenge

Catch their performance and enroll in the challenge to win attractive price on 14, 15, 21 and 22 July 2012 at the main atrium from 1pm to 6pm. Shoppers simply need to spend a minimum of $20 in a single receipt. Prizes range from Microwave, Juice Extractor, Sake sets and other kitchenware and appliances.

Zhihao decided to take part in the challenge with 3 other contested.
It took him a lot of courage because he only eat Subway Melt from Subway!

Contested have to guess the fillings and sauces on the sub and write the answer on a piece of paper.

The lady in pink was the winner and Zhihao was 3rd runner up.

3rd runner up walk away with 1 one prize pick from the lucky draw container.

The winner get to walk away with 4 prize pick form the lucky draw container.

Zhihao won himself a lovely sake set.

We continue our shopping after the stage activities and found a $2 shop at the basement. A much smaller version of Daiso.

I love the Meidi-Ya Supermarket #B1-31/50

They have a wide variety of fresh food imported directly from Japan. You can even find fresh bento, Singapore's local products, as well as other imported products.

We are tired from all the walking and decided to have a tea break at Mazazu Crepe #B1-30

Strawberry Brownie Custard @ $5.80

Choco Banana Gelato @ $5.80

Before we know, it was dinner time! We wanted to dine at Shabu No Koya to try their Black Angus Beef Rib Eye Shabu-Shabu Set, unfortunately there are no table seat for us. Then we went to try Tampopo, the manager told us he will give us a table after the next guest, even after waiting for 20mins we still get the same answer. It was until we told him we manage to get a table else where, he then told us we have to wait another 15min to dine in otherwise its too bad. So we move on to Okinawan Diner Nirai Kanai.

Okinawan Diner Nirai Kanai #B1-01

The indoor seat interiors was inspired by Japanese diners post-World War 2.

Vinegared Mozuku-Seaweed @ $8.00

Pig's ear with ponzu or peanut dressing @ $8.00

Crispy River Shrimp @ $8.00

All the set meal are accompanied with Cold Tufu and Pickles

Cubic Beef Steak @ $18.70
The beef was tender but hard to chew as there veins inside the meat. The ginger sauce was yummy, go really well with the steak. The cold tufu has a unique texture, not the usual soft type.

Zhihao had the Pork-Belly with Kimchi Set @ $15.30

Charlene and Vicki had Simmered Pork-Belly Set @ $17.00
This was highly raved by all of us and we highly recommend you to try! The sauce was packed with favours, the meat was so tender that it can melt in your mouth!

Derrick had Simmered Pork-Knuckle Set @ $17.00

Photo with Vicki (Photo credit to Charlene)

Finally we get a group shot! (Photo credit to Charlene)

Happy girl with my 'yummy' redemption - Ebi Sushi Cushion

Head down to Liang Court this weekend to watch the performances or take part in a series of gourmet challenges to win prizes!

Thank you AsiaMalls Management for the sponsor shopping vouchers!.


  1. 3rd runner up means last LOL. :P 

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Haha, ya he was last still got a prize. He still manage to guess some while the rest got it wrong. Amazing right, he only eat subway melt and still manage to score.


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