17 July 2012

Singapore Food Festival 2012


Singapore Food Festival 2012
Venue: Waterfront Promenade @ Marina Bay
Contact: +65 6796 9331 | Email: enquiries@singaporefoodfestival.com.sg
Opening Hours: 13th - 22nd July 2012, 11.00am to 11.00pm
Website: http://singaporefoodfestival.com.sg/2012/

- The Place & Event
Singapore Food Festival 2012 is held at Marina Bay’s Waterfront Promenade with the theme 'Seafood Tales of Temasek'.

Embark on a mouth-watering journey to discover the culture and taste the famous local food and cuisine of Singapore seafood paradise.

The open-air large space under a marquee has indoor seats and outdoor table with patio umbrella to shade you under the bright sunny weather.


Visitors are also able to use NETS FlashPay Card at the SFF Village. The card costs $12 and has a value of $7. It entitles users to 20% discount off all purchases at any of the village's 50 stalls.

Thank you OpenRice for inviting us for the filming and tasting five of the popular dishes from SFF.

- The Food

Ming Lang

One of the international cuisines that will be here only during the SFF. Here are some of the savoury delicacy that will captured the hearts of many food-lovers.

Teppanyaki sotong @ $8

Special fried quail egg

Crab Roe Soup Dumpling
This is a famous non-oily snack originating from Hubei, China.

We tried the Teppanyaki sotong @ $8
The sotong was cooked simply over a teppanyaki with only a hint of seasoning and chilli oil. The sotong was chewy and tasty with a tad of spicy. But I think its too pricy for $8 a stick.

Seafood Paradise
Original Shop: 91 Defu Lane 10, Singapore 539221 or 30 Raffles Avenue, #01-01
Singapore Flyer, Singapore 039803

Among the delectable creations is their Chilli Crab & Creamy Butter Crab (made from secret ingredients) that is well-received by tourists and local.

Specially created by Seafood Paradise for SFF - Seafood Platter @ $36.90. With a Choice of

Chilli Crab

Creamy Butter Crab

Both seafood platter consists of chilli/creamy butter crab, stri fried geoduck with asparagus in xo sauce, crisp-fried prawns tossed with salted egg yolk, deep fried coral trout cooked in Nyonya-style, and a seafood fried rice.

Since this is the highlight of the dish, we decided to try the Creamy Butter Crab @ $36.90
I adore the lip smackingly flavorful sauce. Its very unique, mildly sweet, with nice fragrant of curry leave, pepper, and chilli spicing up the milky gravy. But I didn't had the crab because they didn't break the shell properly.

The crispy thin crust prawns dredged in salted egg yolk was awesome, its like wrapping the prawn in a whole salted egg yolk!

I loves the Geoduck with asparagus in xo sauce. Nice fragrant of dried shrimps and chilli. A tad spicy to me, but I think most people will find it very spicy. A very appetizing dish, wish they had give a bigger portion.

Deep fried coral trout was a tad dry and overcooked. But the sauce was tasty with a combination of spicy, sweet and tangy flavours.

Seafood fried rice has scallops and shrimp topped with shrimp roe was fragrant.

Innovative combination that will tickle the taste buds! MUST TRY!

Old House
Original Shop: 25 Neil Road, Singapore 088816

The famous Dinosaur Prawn Noodles, Melaka “Lok Lok” to Zi Char Old House Style, all dishes are concocted based on traditional recipe inherited from their grandparents.

Dinosaur Prawns used for their noodles @ $25.00 cash / $20.00 nets

We had the Big Prawn Noodles from the stall @ $8.00
The noodles were al dente, but the alkaline taste was too strong and overpower the delicate soup.

White Lor Mee @ $8.00
White lor mee is not the usual black starchy gravy. The white broth has a tingle of sweetness, and a hint of savouriness from the succulent seafood in it. Yum, I want a bowl now!

Resort World, Sentosa
Well known for the Char Koay Teow which means "flat rice noodles" in hokkien, is a stir-fried noodle dish complemented by lard, garlic, sweet dark sauce, bean sprouts, chives, prawns, egg and lup cheong (Chinese sausage). As prosale as the name sounds, Char Koay Teow inspires heartfelt devotion in Singapore foodies.

Char Koay Teow @ $6.00 cash payment / $4.80 nets payment
The dish came with a generous portion of noodles, juicy prawns and lup cheong. The taste quality was superb with nice flavour from the wok hei, is a pity there was no cockles.

We did a short filming with OpenRice on the tasting, will update on the blog when its ready for viewing. Keep a look out!

After the tasting, I accompany Melissa to wait for her next event invitation to the Official Opening of the Singapore Food Festival ceremony. It was very kind of her and Ellena to ask me to join them.

Neo Garden Catering
Website: www.neogroup.com.sg

Thanks Christine of Neo Group for inviting us to sample their food.

Signature Laksa's Mussel March @ $8.00 cash / $6.40 nets
To sny with the SFF seafood theme, the team has introduced Mussels to the well loved Laksa gravy, served standing upright in marching stance. The mussels were juicy but the broth was less flavorful and fragrant. Personally, I still prefer the thick and rich Laksa.

Signature Curry Chicken @ $5.50 cash / $4.40 nets
Curry was a crowd-pleaser! Succulent chicken steeped in rich wonderful gravy with a hint of spices.

Home-style Sin Chow Mee Hoon @ $3.00 cash / $2.40 nets
Less greasy than the usual noodles yet still pack with flavours. Melissa loves it so much that she finish the whole serving herself.

Neo's Original Drumlets
12pcs for $13.00 cash / $10.40 nets | 6pcs for $7.70 cash / $6.00 nets
Deep fried to a golden brown drumlets was crispy.

Drumlets Buffalo-style
12pcs for $13.00 cash / $10.40 nets | 6pcs for $7.70 cash / $6.00 nets
Delicious sweet savory chicken and not too greasy. The sauce coated on the chicken was seductive.

Founder's Prawn Fritters
5pcs @ $8.00 / $6.40 nets | 3pcs @ $5.50 cash / $4.40 nets
The fried stuff are typically not oily so its a plus point. And the prawn fritters were quite big.

Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar
Original Shop: 181 Orchard Road, #B2-11/22 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

Riding on the waves of various seafood culinary delights for Singapore Food Festival 2012, Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar present the first ever Seafood Desert dish - a contemporary creation that adds a hint of freshness to sweetness of your dessert.

Thanks Nicole of Publicist for inviting us to sample the savory dessert!

Dolce di Mare @ $10 for 6 pcs in a box
Squid-Ink Meringue is light, airy and sweet. Sea Urchin-Mango Cheese Mousse has nice fragrant of mango. Its a little weird at first bite, however the after taste got better and has very slight taste of squid ink. You should try this modern invention of an traditional dessert. Definitely tantalizing treat to your palate.

Pack nicely in a clear box

Visit their booth to to try more signature favorites like the Antipasto Fruitti di Mare and Pasta al Pesto Gamberi.

- My Opinion
Tuck into hearty bowls of white lor mee noodles, dine on savoury seafood platter, and and enjoy a scrumptious array of seafood at SFF!

You can tell how delicious the food is from Melissa

Hazel and Melissa thanks for your company!

Cooking demonstration with Chef Eric Teo at Singapore Food Festival


  1. It's fun and more delicious to enjoy food with foodie friends like you all!!!!! Hope more to come :)

  2. Thanks Ellena! U are always so kind :D

  3. Wahsey! The dinosaur prawns really damn big! And are the Neo's drumlets from Neo Garden? Just wondering. Nice pic of you and Chef Eric! :D

  4. Ya, wish we had the dinosaur prawns noodles, they must be super juicy!! yup, the drumlets are from Neo Garden Catering. Actually the photo with Chef Eric is taken with iPhone. ;p

  5.  Agree. My family members tried the prawn noodle and indeed, it is the biggest prawn noodle I ever tasted. Super Yummy and juicy, the soup itself just blow your mind away.

  6. Wow, thats good to know. Did you had it at their stall or at the SFF?


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