10 July 2012

Tom's Palette Ice Cream


Tom's Palette Ice Cream
Venue: 100 Beach Rd, #01-25 Shaw Leisure Gallery, Singapore 189702
Contact: +65 6296 5239
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 12.00pm - 9.30pm | Fri-Sat 12.00pm - 10.00pm | Sun 1.00pm-7.00pm | Closed on the last Sunday of the month
Website: www.tomspalette.com.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TomsPalette

- The Shop
Tucked in a corner of Shaw Leisure Gallery, just before the food court, there is a home-grown ice cream palours - Tom's Palette.

Set up by Mr Chronos Chan and his wife Mdm Eunice on September 2005, they offers traditional homemade ice cream made from scratch using egg, milk, cream and sugar.

Filled with passion and creativeness, Chronos likes to experiment with flavours and his shop creates at least a new flavour every month and has up to 120 flavours on record.

You can have 2 flavours of ice cream for all sizes, Small @ $3.20, Medium @ $4.00, Large @ $5.00. Beside ice cream, you can have milk shake, waffles and hot tea too.

- The Food
Salted Egg Yolk & Chocolate @ $4.00 (Medium)
All three of us Derrick, Jacob and myself have the salted egg yolk ice cream, inspired by the yolk-filled custard buns in Hong Kong. It taste like the salted egg yolk found in mooncake! Surprisingly its not salty, a tad of sweetness, creamy, rich and filled with many grainy yolk. It was amazingly good, but last few sips get to be boring.

I wanted to pair it with milk ice cream as recommended by Charlene, however it was not available on that day *disappointed*. Therefore I had it with my all time favourite, Chocolate. It was quite chocolatey, but I will love it if its richer and darker chocolate was used.

Salted Egg Yolk & Quattro (alcoholic) @ $4.00 (Medium)
Derrick ordered Quattro to go with his salted egg yolk ice cream.

Quattro was flavour of the month, made with sangria, pineapple, raisin and orange. Taste very much like our tradition Chinese rice wine! Very unique in taste, try it if you are adventurous enough!

Salted Egg Yolk & Pistachio @ $4.00 (Medium)
Jacob had pistachio and I thought it was really nice like I am munching the pistachio nuts.

- My Opinion
I have craving for salted egg yolk ice cream for weeks, all thanks to Charlene - Missuschewy! I loves salted egg yolk mooncake, salted egg yolk rice dumpling, salted egg yolk crab (I love chilli crab as much!) and the list goes on... So, I am excited when I read her post about salted egg yolk ice cream!

Thanks Derrick and Jacob for meeting me to try their ice cream. I felt their ice cream are smooth, packed with flavour and creamy. Its not as dense and sweet as other ice cream. However their ice cream melt really FAST, you can't really enjoy them at a slow pace even in their air-condition stop. Maybe this is because they don't add stabilisers to their ice cream?

I won't say I am mesmerised or the ice cream taste deliciously wow, but hey, consider the price are inexpensive and offer a good variety of flavours, they are definitely value for money. Look out for their new innovative flavours every month that will keep you excited.


  1. I like their salty egg yolk too! Probably need to share the ice cream cos it gets a bit "gelat" towards the end 

  2. Hi Breaded_fish, i totally agreed! its was really tasty the first few bite, but turn boring (gelat) towards the ending. Sharing will be a good choice ;d

  3. I missed the salted egg yolk ice cream

  4. lets have a salted egg yolk feast! go irvin's for salted egg yolk crab, leban salted egg yolk chips, tom's palette salted egg yolk ice cream!


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