16 July 2012

Sentosa BBQ By The Beach


Sentosa BBQ By The Beach
Venue: Sentosa Siloso Beach (Between Coastes and Azzura Beach Club)
Contact: 6279 1767 | Email: exquisite_taste@sentosa.com.sg
Opening Hours: 13th - 22nd July 2012, 6.00pm to 12.00am (last order at 10.30pm)
Website: www.sentosa.com.sg/en/whats-on/events/current-events
Price: $29.90++ includes $30 worth of vouchers (redeemable for food and beverage items), usual island admission charges apply

- The Place & Event
As part of the Singapore Food Festival, Sentosa will be featuring the different BBQ methods from the traditional Hawaiian underground oven (imu) to the vertical grill, you will get to savour a scrumptious array of seafood barbeque that's cooked to succulent perfection over hot coals on Siloso Beach for you!

Enjoy the view of a stunning sunset and sounds of waves lapping as you tuck into a sumptuous spread of sizzling seafood in a open-air concept.

Eight different stalls will showcase the foods of Sentosa’s own culinary team, Amara Sanctuary, Coastes Singapore and Azzura Beach Club.

Along the way there will be two guys going every table singing to your favourite song!

- The Food
Pepes & Ancient Imu Style BBQ

Cooking food in traditional Hawaiian underground oven (imu) (a shallow pit lined with stones)

Seafood is wrapped in banana leaves and aluminum foil and placed in the pit's hot center.

Pepes Fillet of Baby Snapper with Sambal Blachan @ $10.00
Soft fish delicacy with nice fragrant of sambal blachan.

Pepes Assorted Seafood @ $20.00
The broth was busting with flavour and a tad spicy. Complement the fresh Pepes Prawns @ $5, Pepes Half Shell Mussels ($5), Asian Spiced Marinated Shell Fish @ $10 perfectly. One of my favourite.

Hot Charcoal BBQ Grill

Carlsberg Beer Pork Sausages @ $10.00
The sausages has mild taste of beer, the caramelised onion beer sauce that was very flavorful and go very well with the sausage. One of my favourite.

Maker's Mark Bourbon Beef Rib @ $10.00
Delicious ribs laced with bourbon topped with their specially-prepared sauces.


Regular Barbeque Grill

BBQ Mango Butter Crayfish @ $12.00
This is definitely all our favourite, everyone highly raved about it! We had at least 10 plates share by 7 of us! The mango's sweetness and acidity paired the creamy butter and married the succulent crayfish perfectly.

BBQ Beef Stewers (4 sticks) @ $10.00
Jerk marinated beef cubes skewered with honey cherry tomatoes and chargrilled.

Vertical Grill

Vertical Grill has turned the charcoal grill on its side!
This station offers Crayfish @ $10.00, Whole Prawns @ $5.00, and Squid @ $5.00 with accompany sauces (pepper, sambal, bbq, tabasco, chilli, tomato ketchup, bjorn mustard, a1 and HP)

Amara Sanctuary

Bonito Infused Cod Fish @ $18.00
Another dish we favour and highly raves on our table. The fried rice has nice fragrant of garlic, cod fish was so soft that it could melt in the mouth all infused in the savoury bonito with sauteed mushroom.

Grilled Seafood Platter - $10.00
King prawns, squid, salmon, baked potato and corn on cob. One plate kill all your craving.

Crispy Baby Squid - $12.00
Baby squid pieces were seasoned nicely and cooked to a crisp. Its crunchy even when its cold! Yum~


Salt-wrapped Parcels - Seafood is wrapped in a mixture of a clay and salt and cooked in the dancing flames

Crusted Lemon Sole @ $20.00
Lemon sole with flavourful, refreshing sweet and mild flavored spice sauce make a tasty fish.

Marinated Grilled Cod’s Tongue @ $16.00
Cod tongues are a small muscle from the neck of the fish, it is my first time tasting it. It has a chewy texture and I don't really know how to appreciate it. But the jalepeno and tomato salsa was flavorful.

- My Opinion
There's nothing quite as delicious as freshly grilled seafood & meats! Enjoy the sea breeze and feast under the stars.

Tickets are limited, so grab them now and gather your family and friends for the most delectable beachfront BBQ event of the year!

Thank you Sentosa for the invite!

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