15 July 2012

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Pizza Hut
Venue: 180 Kitchener Road, #01-19/21 City Square Mall, Singapore 208539
Contact: +65 6235 3535 | 6509 1038
Opening Hours: Daily 11.00am to 10.00pm
Website: www.pizzahut.com.sg

- The Shop
Gosh, time fly when you are having fun! Pizza Hut has been around in Singapore for 31-years! They were undoubtedly the best pizza during my school days. I still remember the pizza buffet with the salad bar that isn't very extravagant, but covers a little more than the basics. Then the wide array of pizzas also offers with thin-crust & stuffed-crust pizza. And over the years, the pizza chain have evolved in keeping up with times and trends which offers much more variety than pizzas.

Recently, Pizza Hut collaborated with Executive Chefs Jason Lee and Victor Tan, who have almost 45 years of culinary experience, on a new Italian and European inspired menu known as 'Chef Creations', that are innovative and unique.

I was delighted to be invited to the tasting luncheon to sample the 7 new dishes at the Pizza Hut, City Square Mall on 7 July 2012.

The causal restaurant at City Square Mall is spacious and comfortable for patrons.

- The Food
Cooler (Berri/Summer/Emerald)
The cubes of fruits in the refreshing and fizzy drinks could be more.

Thick Fries with Dips @ $5.50 | $4.50 for lunch-sets add-on

Hut's Platter @ $13.90
Criss Cross Fries, Calamari Rings, Tempura Prawns, Sweet 'N' Spicy Drumlets on a bed of mesclun salad - Consist of all your favourites sides on one platter!

6pcs Honey Roasted Wings @ $5.90 | $4.90 for lunch-sets add-on

Chicken Riblets @ $6.20
Lip-smacking chicken riblets is the Halal version of pork ribs, using chicken thigh to marinade in a tasty concoction and deep fry. The light batter riblets will spurt out from the succulent meat and has a very nice fragrant of garlic favour.

Cheesy Mushrooms @ $6.20 | $5.20 for lunch-sets add-on
I love the mushroom covered in ooey gooey melted cheese and the juice bursting out form the succulent mushroom in my mouth. ummm!

Garlic Herb Crusted Baked Fish @ $15.90
Dory fillet was delightfully baked to perfection, topped with golden and crunchy garlic herbs, set on a bed of zesty lime veloute sauce with thyme.

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Portobello @ $15.90
A twist of classic French dish, the baked chicken steaks crowned with turkey bacon and melted cheese was accompanied with portobello mushroom and chef's special sauce.

Rigatoni in Hazalnut Creme @ $14.90
The al dente pasta is tossed with smoked chicken and fresh button mushrooms in an aromatic white hazelnut creme, and garnished with hazelnuts and a hint of lemon zest for the final touch.

Chicken Spinach Cannelloni @ $12.90
The baked hand rolled chicken and spinach lasagne rolls, served with generous rich cream sauce and cheese was garnished with parmesan crisp.

Squid Ink Linguine @ $14.90
Linguine dressed in squid ink sauce was pretty creamy and a tad bland. Complemented with fresh prawns, squid rings and cherry tomatoes.

Braised Beef Pasta in Broth @ $14.90
Very unique of square pastas nestled in a delighted broth, slow cooked to perfection with braised tender beet with zucchini and carrots. Its like having beef handmade noodles - Mee Hoon Kueh.

Snow Crab Crema Rosa @ $14.90
Cooked with a medley of fresh prawns and juicy snow crab legs and tossed gorgeously in a special blend of rich cream and tomato sauces.

Warm Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream @ $6.90 | $5.90 with lunch-sets add-on
The chocolate cake was warm & moist, anything chocolate won't go wrong with ice cream.

On weekdays lunch, you can enjoy the chef creation with a choice of main course, soup of the day, and a choice of cooler for $15.90. And enjoy a special price for the add-on specials.

- My Opinion
This is it, the pizza hut menu is changed with more exciting dishes and it look great!

It may not be the best pasta but it was still pretty tasty and they were pretty generous with all the toppings.

I'm sure folks will be trilled with their progress!

Savour the new 7 Chef Creations now or head down for the lunch to enjoy the 3 course meal at a special price!


  1. your pictures are making me hungry

  2. Pizza hut and its foods review are amazing and after looking this I cant wait to get it. Actually this items are looking so appealing and I think that it is so tasty to eat. Thanks mate for sharing this post article and keep it up...

    pizza blog

  3. Hey Broxmarion,

    Thanks and hope to have you coming back to read on other post.


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