01 June 2012

Oreo Cheesecake (Non Baked) (奥利奥芝士冻饼-免烤)

Oreo Cheesecake (Non Baked)

This is a super backlog post and I had many more! I have no idea why I didn't post all the birthday cake recipe I had baked for my friends, perhaps I was too busy or I was just plain lazy!

Both Ling and I had planned for a mini surprise birthday celebration (on 22 May 2011) with the rest of the photographer friends. Maureen is one of a weird girl that doesn't likes chocolate or cakes. So I decided to make her this Oreo Cheesecake that is not the usual sponge cake and is non chocolate.

I made two of this Oreo Cheesecake - a 6" square for Maureen's birthday (double the recipe) and a 15cm round for my husband who loves oreo as much as loving me. ツ I added addition 2g of the Gelatin sheet to my 6" square cake to avoid the cream cheese melting too fast since I have to bring it out. It was left outdoor for almost 1.5hrs, and the cream cheese is still good without melting off a single bit. ツ

This cake is really easy to make and does not require baking. Feel free to use more oreo cookies if you prefer a thicker base or crush into small bites to add into the cream cheese mixture, it will taste as good.

In this recipe, Kirsch is optional, however it will be good to use as this liqueur will make your dessert much more delicious. Kirsch is a clear, colourless fruit brandy traditionally made from double-distillation of morello cherries.

Recipe: Oreo Cheesecake (奥利奥芝士冻饼)
Makes: 15cm round tin (6" round) (enough for 4 pax)

• 12 Orea cookies (est 120g)
• 45g Butter (melted)

• 100g Cream cheese (preferably tub cream cheese)
• 50g Sour cream
• 60g Sugar (i use 50g)
• Lemon juice from half of a lemon
• 3g Gelatin sheet (i use 4g if im bringing the cheesecake out)
• 10ml Kirsch
• 150ml Whipping cream
• 4 Oreo cookies (take the filling out)

• Whipped cream
• Mini oreo

Method for Base:
1. Take the filling out of the cookies, place the cookies in a zipper bag and crush with a rolling pin.
IMG_0322 IMG_0326

2. Mix the melted butter into the cookie crumb in a bowl, combine.

3. Put all the crumb into a removable bottom or cake ring, press evenly.

4. Refrigerate until require.

Method for Cheese Filling:
1. Bloom the gelatin sheet in cold water for 5 minutes, discard the water and pour the Kirsch into the gelatin bowl, melt it by placing into another hot bowl of water (or warm in microwave for 10 second, stir until melt).
IMG_0340 IMG_0343

2. Beat the cream cheese with a whisk until soft (you can make the cream cheese soft & smooth by placing the bowl over warm water).

3. Pour the sour cream in, beat to combine.

4. Add in sugar, lemon juice, gelatin mixture, combine.

5. Whip the whipping cream until soft peaks, spoon 1/3 of the cream into the cream cheese mixture fold to combine. Then pour the cream cheese mixture into the whipped cream and fold to combine.

6. Pour half of the filling into the pan, place the cookies over (or crunch into bites size and sprinkle all over), then cover with the rest of the filling.
IMG_0366 IMG_0368

7. Refrigerate until firm (at least 12hrs), take out of the pan and decorate as desire with the whipped cream and mini orea.
Oreo Cheesecake (Non Baked) Oreo Cheesecake (Non Baked)

1) Use cream cheese tub for smoother effect
2) One of the above recipe is sufficent to make into 6 muffin case too, put the cookies base, fill in 1 scoope of cream cheese, place 1 side of the cookie w/o cream, and filled up the balance of the cream cheese.

The response was unanimous: best non-baked cheesecake ever! And my husband praise me sky high. People especially loved the texture and massive amounts of cream cheese (surprise, surprise). These are the real deal, folks, so I really recommend setting aside an extra day to give these a try. I think that you will be as happy with them as we were.

Happy Birthday Maureen!! Hope you like this cake as much as the rest.

We had a walkabout shots at Tanjong Katong thereafter and I took some portraits of my friends which I really like (well, at least they do look good to me! blehz). Great photos have to be share right? So here you go...

Shela sexy pose

Shela at temple

Maureen the birthday girl with her unique pose, LOLz

Maureen on the bike

Finally a sweeter side of Maureen ;p

Okok, that are not that great but hey at least they have the characteristics and classic expression(*point to Maureen) that make your day. :D


  1. Maureen's birthday?! Backdated?! U mean backdated by a year ah?!?!

  2. hannor... power right? lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    this cake was baked for her last year and the photos were shot last year too... 22 May 2011!!

  3. Wah piang! I thought i was wrong! But Maureen looked too different that's why I kinda guessed it was a year apart. haha ya u very power!

  4. why, she look younger or prettier? haha... she still look the same to me leh, but have more "nu ren wei" now. ;p

  5. HOHOHO! Nu ren wei! I feel so happy! *dance*

  6. This looks delicious, I'm sure that my kids will love this.

  7. this is really good, no joke, the best unbaked cheesecake i had ever try ;)


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