22 June 2012

Seng Kee Roasted Meat Duck Rice

Seng Kee Roasted Meat Duck Rice

Seng Kee Roasted Meat Duck Rice
Venue: Blk 7 Eunos Crescent, #01-2651, Singapore 400007
Contact: -
Opening Hours: Daily 9am - 8pm, Close on Tuesday.
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- The Shop
For a hearty meal at a typical Singapore coffee shop, you can dig in to a good plate of duck rice, and other roasted and braised delicacies at Seng Kee Roasted Meat Duck Rice stall.

This local delights is located at Hong Lee Coffeeshop at Eunos Crescent. The coffeeshop is facing Eunos Crescent Market and Food Centre and it's less than 5-minutes walk from Eunos Mrt.

As the stall has only two helpers, and with the wide variety of roasted and braised delicacies than the usual duck rice stall, they don't serve yam rice and plain porridge.

Even only with two helpers, Seng Kee roast the meat daily to ensure the freshness .

- The Food
Braised Duck @ $10.00
(whole @ $34 | duck rice @ $3, boneless @ $3.50 | add $1 for roast pork)
Braised Duck
The authentic braised duck was simple and surprisingly light (no taste of herb even they had braised with it).

A generous bowl of gravy made of soy sauces together with aromatics and spices were served on the side for us to drizzle over our white rice.

The braising gravy which is the traditional thin kind was serve on the side to ladled over the slices of duck meat. It was intensely rich but a tad salty for my liking, however it sure go well with porridge.

The chilli to dunk in was mild but appetizing.

Roast Duck @ $10.00
(whole @ $36 | duck rice @ $3, boneless @ $3.50 | add $1 for roast pork)
Roasted Duck
The braised duck was succulent. Tender meat with light fragrance of spices and the crispy skin has very little of fats.

Roast Pork & Char Siew @ $8.00
(roast pork & char siew @ $ 34/kg | roast pork/char siew rice @ $3)
Roast Pork & Char Siew
I likes the delicious crisp crackling with tender, moist roast pork. The burnt bits at the ends added texture and crunch.

The lean char siew appeared in very bright red, tender and moist. The crowd here do not like the fattier cut, therefore they only used lean meat. It has a depth of flavour and sweeter compare to the usual darker char siew.

Personally, I don't like fatty meats so this will be perfect if the char siew had been less sweet and had come with more charred bits.

Assorted Braised (pig head, egg, tau kwa, tau pok) @ $6.00
(egg @ $0.60 | tau kwa @ $0.80 | tau pok @ $0.60 | braised pig head @ $3 min)
Assorted Braised
They’ve got a wide variety of side items here, egg, tau kwa, taupok and pig head. The gravy was savoury with flavours but on a salty side.

Chicken Wings & Pork Ribs Mix @ $4.20
(chicken wings @ $1.20/pc | pork ribs @ $34/kg | chicken wings/pork ribs rice @ $3)
Pork Ribs & Chicken Wings
Both the wings and ribs used the same roasting method as char siew. I didn't try the chicken wings because I was too full.

The pork rib was great. Lots of meat and tender. Could've done less with sugar/honey though. I think kids will love them because of the sweetness. :)

- My Opinion
The ducks and braised food was good, but again as I alluded earlier, its a pity that they don't serve porridge and yam rice.

A very satisfy lunch with Shiting - Lobster Paints and family and Derrick - SgFoodonFoot on last Sunday,17 June 2012.

Oh, did I mention that this stall was one of the 5 finalist for favourite braised duck rice by Anchor?
Seng Kee Roasted Meat Duck Rice

Support them by sending a sms to 77877, with text wbanchor 2 NRIC Name. The sms voting is till 27 June 2012.
Seng Kee Roasted Meat Duck Rice Cropped

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