28 June 2012

Irvin's Live Seafood House


Irvin's Live Seafood House
Venue: No. 4 Jalan Leban, Upper Thompson Road, Singapore 577548
Contact: +65 6836 5020
Opening Hours: 11.00am - 11.00pm
Website: www.irvins.com.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/irvinseafood

- The Shop
Formerly known as Irvin's Seafood Cze Char was located along the stretch of shophouses at River Valley Road was relocated to No. 4, Jalan Leban, Upper Thomson Road on 1st December 2011.

Bigger, better, air-conditioned.

Private Room 1 - Reservation are preferred (8pax or more).

Private Room 2 - Reservation are preferred (12pax or more).

Buffet is also serve at the restaurant.
Lunch (11.00am - 3.00pm) @ $10.90+ and dinner (5.30pm - 11.00pm) @ $16.80+ for weekdays.
Lunch (11.00am - 3.00pm) @ $12.90+ and dinner (5.30pm - 11.00pm) @ $19.70+ for weekends and public holidays. To make it more exciting, a different menu will be serve everyday! You can check out their website for the weekly menu updates.

Dinner buffet has an addition of a DIY steamboat section where customers get to choose between tom yum & plain soup.

Even they may not be the best, Chef Yap Kim Fatt is constantly coming out with new ideas to entice the customers for Irvin's Live Seafood House and LeBan HK Cafe (look out for the next post for LeBan's review), give them a chance and let your palate do the talking!

- The Food
Warm hospitality from Stephenie Lim and Restaurant Manager sharing with us what's the recommended dishes.

Salted Egg Yam Chips @ $9.80
Salted Egg Yam Chips
The crispy yam was nicely contrasted with the rich salted egg yolk sauce. With a tad of chilli padi and curry leaves, this appetizer was savory and addictive.

Salted Egg Crab @ $23.90 (S), $33.90 (M), $48 (per 1kg)
(Irvin's specialty with Chef's Yap special recipe)
Salted Egg Crab
The stir fried crab in generous creamy salted egg concoction is a nightmare for any dietician. The irresistible sauce will make you forget about the high cholesterol! Be warn that the creamy fragrance will linger on your taste buds for a long time that other dishes may taste like salted egg yolk too! It will be prefect if they had use Sri Lanak crab, its tender and succulent meat will definitely be a heavenly match with the sauce.

If you loves the salted egg sauce (who don't?), it can be purchase at $12 per box that is freshly made upon ordering.

Balachan Crab @ $19.90 (S), $29.90 (M), $48 (Per 1kg)
Balachan Crab
Balachan was sparse and crab meat was a tad dry. And sadly, the meat didn't absorb the nice fragrant from the crunchy bits of shallots, shrimps and curry leaves.

Red Tilapia with Special Sauce @ $32
Red Tilapia with Special Sauce
The reddish sauce is made of bean paste with chilli. Don't be fret by the colour, it is not spicy as it look. Taste like the sweet thai chili, the sauce was flavorful and aromatic. Unfortunately this delicacy of Chef Yap's creation is not on the menu, BUT it can be cooked upon customer request.

Claypot Pumpkin Prawns @ $13.80 (S), $22.80 (L)
Claypot Pumpkin Prawns
The pumpkin sauce taste almost like salted egg! No joke! The sauce was thick, creamy and rich, can't really taste the pumpkin thou. I think the prawn was overcooked as it was a little tough. If you don't want to dirty your hands, deshell prawns are available at $18.80 (s) $28.80(L) (different prawns are used for deshell).

Damn Good Pork @ $12.80 (S) $18.80 (L)
Damn Good Pork
Its creamy and buttery sauce was so sinful and mouth-watering! The tender and juicy pork ribs with the aroma of the curry leaves make the dish fragrant and savouring. We heard this was Irvin (the boss) favourite dish!

Butter Chicken @ $15.80 (S) $20.80 (L)
Butter Chicken
For one that don't fancy pork ribs, you can try the butter chicken, which uses the same cooking method and sauce as Damn Good Pork.

Hot Plate Tofu with Special Minced Pork @ $12.80
Hot Plate Tofu with Special Minced Pork
Blocks of tofu stir-fried in a sweet and spicy thick sauce studded with minced pork was decent. Non-spicy hot plate tufu with chicken is available upon request.

Salted French Beans
Salted French Beans
Initially we felt the veggie was a little bland but we begin to appreciate it after all the rich and creamy sauce dishes. Maybe more chili padi & dried scrimp will make it a little savor.

- My Opinion
I am freak out by the number of cholesterol I have intake with all their specialty of salted egg sauce and butter cream dishes! But I must admit it was an enjoyable dinner with Cheryl - Ms Skinny Fat, Derrick - SG Food on Foot, Melissa - Melicacy and Alexis - Alexis Blog. Thanks Cheryl for asking us along and thanks Stephenie for having us!

Irvin's will be giving out 10% discount to our blog readers from now till 31 July 2012! Simply quote "Singapore's Most Handsome Restaurant" before making payment and you will be entitle to the discount.

You must be thinking what an interesting tagline. Oh wait, nono, don't expect handsome crews serving you and it's not because Irvin Gunawan (the boss) is handsome (not that he is not handsome too!).

In Indonesia, when they taste something delicious, they usually describe it as ganteng which means handsome. Irvin believes in bringing tasty and good food to customers which is why he decided to use the slang as the tagline for Irvin's Live Seafood House.


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