23 June 2012

Viral Video Marketing - The Rolleyes


It's Sunday yet I woke up early for a delicious duck rice brunch and made my way to Creative Culinaire to attend an exclusive day with Chef Judy of Caffe Pralet and Creative Culinaire for a hands-on baking class! This was invited by The Rolleyes for the soft launch of their new video F&B review site.

Sleazy as it may sound, Rolleyes refers to Roll your eyes over their visual extravaganza to whet your appetite! They are Singapore's very first (and only) visual review site of food establishments that are oh-so-worthy of our attention.

Instead of reading and writing reviews online, you can now feel the vibe and ambiance of the actual places and maybe even a tour in their kitchen!

Screen shot on how the web will look
rolleyes - rest

A short preview of a Bali Thai Restaurant

Beside reviews on food establishments, they also offer Chef tips like how to dice mango without much effort, how to choose fresh oyster, etc Visit The Rolleyes to find out!
rolleyes - chef tips

Here is a video shared by Chef Judy, her secret to make soft cake

Beside all this, there are even video recipe share by expert and chefs! What's more become a subscriber now to receive updates and special deals from the F&B establishments featured on Rolleyes!
rolleyes -sub now

Sit back, relax and enjoy the good deals and visual F&B site!

Join their Facebook Page to get the latest update too!

Keep a lookout for my next post, where I will be sharing the recipe and baking experience with Chef Judy!

[update per 24-Jun-12]
As promised, recipe is shared >> HERE. Enjoy!


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  2. hi, thank you. hope to have you back more often ;)

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