16 June 2012

Birthday Surprise Dinner @ Akari Dining & Bar (Japanese Restaurant)

Akari Dining & Bar - Shop

It's always fun to throw a surprise for a friend but is not always easy to pull off. Charlene has decided to indulges the tam chiak (glutton) birthday girl, Maureen and somehow a "romantic" dinner of two has turn out to be a surprise dinner of 8 foodies friends on 31st May 2012.

I wanted to surprise Maureen by asking Derrick, Shiting and Charlene to turn up at our dinner gathering with Prime and Krist. However, when I propose the idea to Charlene, she asked me to turn up at their dinner to surprise Maureen instead! Nevertheless the initial dinner plan with Prime and Krist didn't happen.

Charlene, Shiting and I came out with a few silly idea how to shock Maureen at her birthday dinner and again, it didn't happen due to various reason and Shiting couldn't make it because of work commitment. Before Yancai, Rae, Jiayi and I arrive, Maureen guessed something was up because they were seated in a VIP room with 8 seats and there were only 4 of them!

Oh well, no matter how smart she was, I still manage to "surprise" her at the restaurant and she scream so loud that the whole place almost collapse!!

Definitely the surprise thing didn't work too well even I did freak her out for a quick second. But we sure have a wonderful time catching up!

Enough of the birthday surprise, here are the photos and dining experience to share with you...

Akari Dining & Bar
Venue: 8A Marina Boulevard, Ground Plaza #01-02 Marina Bay Link Mall, Singapore 018984
Contact: +65 6634 0100
Opening Hours: 12pm–3.00pm (last order 2.30pm), 5.30pm–10.00pm (last order 9.30pm), Closed on Sunday

- The Shop
The modern and semi-fine fining Japanese restaurant is located at the new Marina Bay Financial District. You can either walk over from Raffles Place Mrt or Marina Bay Mrt and by year 2013 you can take the Downtown Mrt which stop within Marina Bay Link Mall!

There are two section of outdoor sitting area, indoor with aircon and a huge VIP room for 12-15pax.

Outdoor Sitting Area
Akari Dining & Bar - Outdoor Left

Outdoor Sitting Area
Akari Dining & Bar - Outdoor right

Akari Dining & Bar - indoor seat

Akari Dining & Bar - indoor seat

Akari Dining & Bar - counter seat

They have a cosy bar at the entrance serving Japanese sakes, shochus, whiskeys and cocktails that pair well with their plethora of traditional and modern appetisers. They also offer substantial main items such as bento sets for the hungry diner. A popular place amongst corporate diners too.

Akari Dining & Bar - Bar

- The Food
Kurobuta Miso Yaki ($26)
Kurobuta Miso Yaki ($26)
Grilled marinated black pork with homemade miso sauce. The miso was not overpowering and meat was cooked to perfection.

Buta Shiro Kakuni ($18)
Buta Shiro Kakuni ($18)
The simmered black pork in clear stock was tender and succulent. Weirdly, the texture and taste was very similar to our canned Narcissus Stewed Pork Chop.

Gindara Saikyo Yaki ($26)
Gindara Saikyo Yaki ($26)
Sweet miso marinated grilled cod fish was delicious. The fish simply melts in your mouth.

Salmon Zukushi ($58)
Salmon Zukushi ($58)
The 3-kind of salmon sashimi platter - salmon, salmon belly, salmon roe was fresh.

Tokusyou Nigiri 12 Syu ($64)
Tokusyou Nigiri 12 Syu ($64)
Tokusyou Nigiri 12 Syu ($64)
Selected premium sushi platter - 12 kinds of different sushi was also fresh.

Kaisen Sansyoku Wan ($38)
Kaisen Sansyoku Wan ($38)
Kaisen Sansyoku Wan ($38)
The dish was served with 3 bowls of rice with sea urchin & salmon roe, yellowtail & sesame sauce and seasoned tuna red meat. I thought the sea urchin has a very strong weird taste which I don't know how to appreciate. But some of my friends really love them.

Madai Yaki Anchovy Flavour ($24)
Madai Yaki Anchovy Flavour ($24)
The grilled Japanese red snapper was accompanied with red chilli pepper and anchovy paste. Its a little dryer compare to Gindara Saikyo Yaki.

- My Opinion
Immerse yourself in the beautiful ambiance and satisfy your craving for tasteful Japanese food today! It may be a little pricy, but you can be assure that all their food are freshly prepared and cooked.

Crew members was very attentive and prompt too.

Happy Birthday Maureen - Miss Tam Chiak!

Maureen & I

Group Photo Take 1

Group Photo Take 2

The Babes
gals shots

The Gentleman
guys shot

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