09 June 2012

Fan Play Savouries (Cheong Fun)

Fan Play

Fan Play Savouries
Venue: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-199 Suntec City Mall Tower 4 (inside Carrefour Deli Section), Singapore 038983
Contact: 9321 3688
Opening Hours: Daily 10.00am - 7.00pm
Website: www.fanplay.com.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fanplaysavouries

- The Shop
Fan Play is a food stall located inside Carrefour hypermarket, under the Deli Section near the fruits and vegetable section. Their signature is the smooth cheong fan (also know as rice noodle roll / chee cheong fun where chee cheong means pig intestine, and fun means noodle; this is because the noodle resembles the small intestine of a pig).

Unlike the usual cheong fun with sweet sauce, Fan Play introduces savoury gravies atop silky smooth cheong fun that imported fresh from Ipoh, which the historic town is famous for. Robert the owner took a lot of efforts to source for the best Cheong Fun manufacturers in Ipoh. And the secret behind the good texture of their cheong fun? Just rice flour and water!

The cheong fan are deliver twice weekly and kept not more than 3 days to maintain the freshness.

Patrons can dine in at the standing table provided by Carrefour or take away. The cheong fan can be store in a air tight container up to 24hours, DO NOT keep in the fridge. The texture will not be the same when you heat up even steaming it. Sauce can be kept in the fridge, heat up and pour over the cheong fan when you are ready to eat them.

- The Food
Chef Andrew (previously from prima deli) preparing the dishes for us.
Chef Andrew

Organic Soybean Milk @ $1.50
Organic Soybean Milk
I really enjoy this soya milk A LOT. The flavorsome soybean milk is not diluted, not too sweet and has a nice fragrant of soybean.

Cheong Fan with Savory Brown Sauce & Beer Batter Dory Fillet @ $4.50
Cheong Fan with Savory Brown Sauce & Beer Batter Dory Fillet @ $4.50
Their special light and toothsome brown sauce married cheong fan so perfectly that I do not want the usual sweet sauce anymore! And if we are not wrong, there was some minced meat in the sauce.

They are not stingy on the beer, we were told that they use 1 can of beer for 4 piece of dory fillet! The Beer Batter Dory Fillet does not have the frozen taste and fried to perfection.

Cheong Fan with Chicken Cuttle in Curry Sauce @ $4.50
Cheong Fan with Chicken Cuttle in Curry Sauce @ $4.50
Strange as it may sound but it taste good! The mild curry sauce goes really well with the crispy juicy chicken cuttle.

Cheong Fan with Teriyaki Chicken in Sichuan Kung Pao Sauce @ $4.50
Cheong Fan with Teriyaki Chicken in Kung Pao Sauce @ $4.50
Their latest creation also the most unique sauce, gives you a taste of sweetness and leave a dash of spiciness lingering thereafter. The spiciness was ok to me, but a little spicy for the rest. The teriyaki chicken was a little tough compare to the chicken cuttle.

Cheong Fan with Mushroom Sauce @ $3.00
Cheong Fan with Mushroom Sauce @ $3.00
The mushroom sauce is 100% vegetarian, no garlic & onions. A good mixture of mushroom and Chinese herb "Dang Gui" (also know as Chinese Angelica Root).

Cheong Fan with Lasak Gravy n Side Dish @ $3.90
Cheong Fan in Lasak Gravy n side dish @ $3.90
I know you may be scratching your head, first was the curry sauce and now lasak? Yes, that's what Fan Play is all about, Playing with sauce that go well with the cheong fan to suite our local palate. The delectable lasak gravy has nice flavour of dried shrimp. I thought I was eating the real lasak!

The add on side dish - Five Spice Minced Meat wrapped in Beancurd Skin, Fish & Pork Meat wrapped in Beancurd Skin and Fried Wanton are selling at $0.50 each and can be purchase to add on to any of your cheong fan.

Sar Kok Liew (stuffed yam bean) @ $0.80 each
Sar Kok Liew (stuffed yam bean) @ $0.80
Beside the noodles and lasak, Ipoh is also famous for its Sar Kok Liew (stuffed yam bean also known as Turnip Fritters). The turnip was cut into small cubes, adding the right amount of salt so that the turnip won't release too much water, seasoning, flour and onions to make it firm, mold and wrapped in beancurd skin.

The turnip gives a sweetish flavour while the beancurd provides a slightly salty taste, its chewy & crunchy bites make you want to have more.

- My Opinion
Honestly I never thought cheong fan can be so filling! I was even planning to have supper with my husband after the tasting as I assume I will only be half full. But I was so wrong. The serving was as good as one bowl of noodles!

The cheong fan is so smooth and soft that it glides down my throat. I truly like the brown sauce, light and so tasty. If you prefer a unique taste, go for the Sichuan Kung Pao Sauce, enjoy the sweetness and be hit by the spiciness.

Fan Play is considering to bring in the famous Ipoh white coffee which is known for its creamy and smooth taste. Soon, you do not have to travel 8hrs to Ipoh to try their popular delights, its all serving at Fan Play!

Oh, don't say I didn't tell you. Fan Play is running a promotion till 10 June 2012, and has extended to 15 June 2012, 11.59pm. Join Fan Play Facebook Page by clicking LIKE, help them to hit 120 130 LIKES and you might be one of the lucky 4 winner to bring along 4 friends to enjoy 1 full meal on the house!

Photo with Robert Goh, Judy Then, Head Chef Andrew, Charlene & Zhihao - Missuschewy and Derrick - SG Food On Foot.
Group Pic @ Fan Play

Thank you all for the invite!


  1. Charlene mentioned the  chee cheong fan  taste awesome n many different fillings for selection :) Good recommendation, must try soon!

  2. I missed the brown sauce and the sar kok liew and the soybean milk... shall bring my mummy go try.

    or we can arrange one sat go eat then go beer again, lolzzzzzzz

  3. Hi Aunty Teo,

    Yes yes, must go try. It is not the usual cheong fan we had, few sauce/gray to choose from, I'm sure you will have at least one favourite!


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