10 June 2012

IKEA SwedCook Kitchen Workshop


We were one of the few lucky bloggers to be invited to indulge in a gastronomic journey with Mervyn of Cookyn Inc last Thursday, 7 June 2012 for a IKEA SwedCook Kitchen Workshop. It was a delightful experience and I truly enjoy myself with the rest of the bloggers to the max!

If you are a vivid fan of IKEA or a cooking enthusiast like me, then this post is definitely for YOU! Prepare yourself for a stunning cooking class that will keep you smitten on 29 June 2012! IKEA is currently running an inspirational contest called "Pretty Smart Kitchen", where IKEA invites fans to share the inspiration on what makes a Pretty Smart Kitchen. Simply email your photos illustrating and be one of the 10 lucky fans to be invited to an exclusive IKEA SwedeCook Class on 29 June 2012!

So, here is the preview what the workshop will be...

Since I was the first blogger who arrived at the event, I took a few snap shoots of the waiting area

Cocktail drink - Elderberry Sangria
This drink will impress your guest without any doubt. The secret ingredient behind the goodness cocktail is the Elderberry Syrup which can be purchase at IKEA, some white wine, sprite and mixed fruits = Absolutely goodness! 1 glass is never enough for any body!

Finger food was served while waiting for the workshop to start
Potato Grantin Caviar Spread Chives
Potato Grantin Caviar Spread Chives

Salmon Gravlax with Chive Sour Cream on Cracker
Salmon Gravlax with Chive Sour Cream on Cracker

Swedish Maeatballs with Gravy & Lingonberry Sauce
Swedish Maeatballs with Gravy & Lingonberry Sauce

Now, will you please follow me to the kitchen

The place was spacious and fully equipped

A short introduction by Mervyn and round of self introduce by each blogger

We were divide into groups and given a task (photo credit to IKEA)

Moonberry & Wee Heng - AspirantSG preparing the Japanese cucumber (photo credit to IKEA)
Oh, don't say I didn't tell you. Mervyn tipped us that cucumber should be bath in ice water to maintain the freshness and crunchiness while preparing other ingredients. He also gives us a lot of useful tips when preparing the dish, like how easy it is to dice mango, the fast and right way to cut avocado etc...

My role was to prepare the shrimp mayo mixture for the Cold shrimp with mayo in vol-au-vent shells

Hmm... Wonder what was Sandra and Daniel - Daniel's Food Diary expression...

Candid shots of the bloggers (photo credit to IKEA)

Preparing the Baked salmon & potato gratin
Filled with a layer of potato, salmon, sour cream, potato, salmon, sour cream and topped with grated parmesan cheese & shredded mozzarella and season with some black pepper.

This is my Baked Salmon & Potato Gratin before it was sent to the oven.

Ta-da! perfectly done by ME! *smile*
It was a lovely combination, although it take a little effort to smoke the salmon, bake it, prepare the cream, chopped the salmon and layering them... Yes, yes, and the steps goes on... Wait till you tasted them, and tell me how you like it. ;)

Due to time constraints, the Vol-au-vent shells (ring pastries) was prepared beforehand.
Even it was prepared beforehand, you will still be taught how the ring pastries was made.

Cold shrimp with mayo in vol-au-vent shells

That's me getting busy! (photo credit to IKEA)
Paring the shaved cucumber, marinated herring, red onion slices and orange segments and get ready to glimmer!

Ta-da! Marinated herring, shaved cucumber, mandarin oranges with dill caviar cream

It's dinner time! Bon appetit!

Dark chocolate kladdkaka with raspberries
Sucker for chocolate just like we are? Prepare to be amazed with this quick and easy recipe! With this easy recipe, you won't have to sacrifice much time for an excellent dessert!

You will be the centre of attention at any dinner party with these delicious cuisine recipe, guaranteed. Notice there was a smile on everyone face. ;D

Do remember to check out their Facebook Page and enroll yourself in the contest.
Screen Shot 2012-06-08 at 1.30.29 PM

More photos can be view at Ikea Fan Page.


  1. learn so many dishes, so can cook for me all liao?

  2. can!! the chocolate cake can teach u, super duper easy man. lolz

  3. but i no like chocolate!


  4. u can make give to your boyboy and family, u dont have to eat yourself, lolz

  5. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. I am going on the 29th June. Now at least I know what to expect. :)

  6. Hey,

    Congrats! You're one of the lucky winner!! Its gonna be exciting, have fun learning, cooking and making new friends!


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