30 May 2012

Naomi Kitchen

Naomi Kitchen

Naomi Kitchen
Venue: Block 465/466 Crawford Lane, #01-08, Singapore 190465
Contact: 9321 3688
Opening Hours: Daily 11.00am - 8.00pm
Website: www.naomikitchen.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KitchenofNaomi

- The Shop
The counter sales and takeaways Japanese-inspired bakery which prides on being cheerful to customers, delighting with it's not-so-sweet signature fruit rolls, tarts and other desserts.

Naomi Kitchen was formed on 1 April 2010 at Golden Mile Hawker Centre. She was borne because of her daddy's passion in business and her mum's passion in baking. When the two passions met with 'belief', they created Naomi. Naomi is named because the owners want her to provide food lovers "enjoyment, pleasure or gratification" with their products. Therefore, during their product development stage, they emphasis on both taste and visual appeal.

One of Naomi's signature product is Fruit Roll whereby fresh cream & fresh fruits are used in their cake roll. This creates a different yet unique look & taste from the usual swiss roll. For e.g.,Peaches are married with Mango to provide a good match.

Naomi Kitchen has another branch at Tampines Mall, Basement 1, Inside NTUC (vegetables section), Opening Hours : Daily 10.00am - 9.00pm will be opening a new branch at #B1-16, White Sand, Pasir Ris on 13 June 2012. Visit their new store to enjoy opening discount!

- The Food
Tired of treats that are overtly sweet? Naomi's signature fruit rolls and tarts are served less sweet, but just as delicious!

Customised Special Design - Branded Design Rolls (Gucci) @ S$28
Branded Design Rolls (Gucci) @ S$28

The addition of different design simply give the normal plain looking swiss roll a new life. The rolls with special designs add joy to the celebration especially during festive season. LV design is available @ $28 (Black Forest) and $35 (Tiramisu).

Chicken Shepherd Pie (Regular) @ S$2.80
Chicken Shepherd Pie (Regular) @ S$2.80

The chicken pie has curry fragrance (to me) but there is no curry powder in it! It was decent and has peppery taste. Also available in Petite Size @ S$1.80 and Party Size @ S$20.

Mixed Fruit Slice Cake @ S$3.00
Mixed Fruit Slice Cake @ S$3.00

Let the good times roll with this delectable vanilla soft sponge with layer of light fresh cream and chunks of fresh mixed fruits and topped with fresh mixed fruits. Surely an irresistible treat to send to anyone special or serve when you spend a quality time with your family and friends.

Black Forest Slice Cake @ S$2.80
Black Forest Slice Cake @ S$2.80

Black Forest Cake is a delicious dessert the whole family will love. This luscious black forest cake has a soft sponge with a layer of light cream and chunks of cherries, topped with thin layer of whipped cream and garnished with some cocoa powder and chocolate bites.

Berries/Grape Cheese Cake @ S$2.20
Berries Cheese Cake @ S$2.20

The Berries Cheese Cake melted before we can have a good shot of it (too busy snapping all the desserts!) so here is the grape cheese cake which is the same except the other one is topped with berries. I am both chocolate and cheesecake lover but the cheesecake taste different from the usual one I eat/bake, maybe this is their secret recipe? ;p

Fruit & Yam Rolls
Fruit Rolls

Fruit rolls wrapped around a generous filling with big bites of fruits.

Swiss roll with different flavors such as durian, mango peach, pumpkin etc.
Fruit Rolls

They all are topped with fine powdery sugar filled with lightly scented cream.

Fruit Tarts, Chocolate Tarts, Cheese Tarts
Fruit Tarts, Chocolate Tarts, Cheese Tarts

These tarts are one of their specialty.

Mix Tarts
Fruit Tarts, Chocolate Tarts, Cheese Tarts

Don't you find their specialty tarts so beautiful looking? It's too pretty to be eaten!

Tiramisu @ S$4.50
Tiramisu @ S$4.50

Tiramisu was decent, I will prefer a richer taste.

- My Opinion
I was really excited when Charlene - Missuschewy invited me to join her for tasting at this bakery shop. But we were disappointed at the same time when we realise the shop has no seats to dine in. :(

From daily bites with different flavour of fruit rolls to special occasion product - design roll for birthday, christmas, cny etc... All the rolls and cakes was fluffy soft, light cream and fruits are fresh.

Oh, don't forget to try their latest creative which is the branded design rolls to impress your guest!

Photo of the ladies in crime after tasting. ;p
Foodie Friends
Photo credit to Charlene.

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