26 May 2012

Singapore Food Revolution @ The Lawn


Singapore Food Revolution was held on 19 May 2012 at The Lawn Grill & Salad Café, were you there?

If you had missed the event for any reason, you ARE missing a lot! There are games, cooking demo, live band and talks on eating healthy. The air was filled with expectations and it was fun filled.

As it was very crowded and filled with countless of photographers, I didn't had much good shots (or any!). Right, it was just an excuse. I am just plain lousy when it come to event photo taking, but at least (I hope) it left some good memories.

Sit back, relax and enjoy...

Goodie bags of Naturel products worth $28 were given out at the event.

There are Organic 100% Hom Mali Brown Rice, 100% Italian Durum Wheat Penne, Organic Olive Oil Extra Virgin, Organic Tomato with Basil Pasta Sauce in the goodies.

Mekhala introducing their total wellness with organic food products, and natural skin, body and hair care, and spa offerings from Northern Thailand.

Soyato - Frozen Soy made with only soymilk, no eggs, cream or milk, high in protein, no cholesterol, low fat, tastes like ice cream, but with half the calories!

Baked and Eaten founded by Charmaine, offer simple yet delicious desserts made from quality ingredients that transforms the simplest of desserts to something divine.

100% Real Dragon Fruit Anti-Oxidant High Fibre from LoveRedDragon.

The jam is really tasty and not overly sweet, contain fruit's pulp & seeds. The fruit juice is concentrate.

Sarah, owner of The Lawn making her speech for the opening.

Rayner of hisfoodblog doing a live demo on Grilled King Prawn with Gong Poh Sauce.

Blindfolded and guess the food she is eating.

Blindfolded and guessing the type of pasta by feeling the shape

Live Band

Discover a healthier you by The Travelling Dietician talk by Vanessa.

Mervyn from Cookyn Inc doing a demo on how to prepare Brown Rice Salad

Recipe of the Brown Rice Salad can be found on Miss Tam Chiak Blog.

Performance by Shawn Lee the Beatboxing. He is currently Asia's #1 beatboxer & made it to Top 4 in Beatbox Battle World Championship 2012.

Another cooking demo by one of the food blogger using FRESH BASIL that she grow her own.

It was with regret that we couldn't stay till the end of the event. But I am sure it ended with a blast!

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