13 May 2012

Mother's Day Lunch - Coca Restaurant


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you lovelies who are moms and mom-to-be's!

My mum may not agree with everything I do because of personal experiences and wisdom. She may not be the prefect mother and her teaching may not be right. But regardless of the tiredness and no matter how difficult it is to raise me, she had never given up on me and still love me for who I am. She'd go above and beyond. The overwhelming love far outweighs those moments that I wonder how she’ll ever make it through despite all the tough times we had when i was young. The greatest gift that God has blessed me with is a lovely mother. I love you mum and thank you for your never ending support and unconditional love!!

And here is my little dining experience for Mother's Day to share with you...

COCA 'Suki' Steamboat

Coca Restaurant
Venue: 391 Orchard Road, #04-22 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238874
Contact: 6734 7887
Opening Hours: 11.0am - 10.00pm (Last order for Lunch: 3.45pm | Dinner: 9.45pm)
Website: www.coca.com.sg

- The Shop
COCA 'Suki' Steamboat is a Thai-style 'Suki' steamboat dining. The name "COCA" which comes from the Chinese word "Kekou", meaning "appetizing" has two branch in Singapore location at International Building and Takashimaya.

They are well-known for its signature Coca sauce, made from a secret family recipe over 50 years ago. Besides the buffet steamboat menu, there are also signature dishes like the original fish glue, house special dumpling and other seafood for sampling and cooked ala carte dishes.

If you are holding a family gathering or company function, they have 4 Private Rooms in the Takashimaya branch.

- The Food
Lunch Buffet is @ Adults - $23++ | Children - $17++ | Senior Citizen (above 60yrs old) Promotion - $17++ | Student Promotion - $17++
Dinner Buffet is @ Adults - $38++ | Children - $23++ | Senior Citizen (above 60yrs old) Promotion - $28++

There are 3 soup base available - Clear Chicken Broth, Tom Yum Soup and top up additional $13 for Herbal Chicken Soup (with half spring chicken).

A standard round of dishes will be served, then you can re-order other dishes in the buffet menu as much as you can eat.

The food are decent, meats are not marinade, most of the seafood are fresh but not for the fish head which has a strong fishy smell.

The chilli sauce was not as good as before, less spicy and more sweet now. The Fish Glue, House Special Shrimp Ball, House Special Dumpling and Green Noodle are not to be miss! Beef Fillet are slice too thick, other meats were decent.

Standard Suki Set to serve on first round
Suki Seafood, Meat, Veggie, Noodles

Standard Suki Set to serve on first round
Suki Seafood, Meat, Veggie, Noodles

Their signature Fish Glue
Fish Glue

Clear Chicken Broth
Clear Chicken Broth

Tom Yum Soup

- My Opinion
I have visited the Coca Restaurant at Bangkok, Thailand, the food there are cheaper and more varieties of food on the buffet menu compare to Singapore. Then again, its on different currency.

I frequent Coca Restaurant quite often in the past, but had not dine there for the past... 6-years or more. The soup still taste pretty much the same and the tom yum is getting better. The steamboat food are quite standard as they are raw and does not require any marinade. We did not order the cooked ala carte so I can't comment much.

Service was very slow and not attentive. Perhaps this is due to Mother's Day crowd, the restaurant is super busy, subsequent round of food took 15-20min to arrive and we are seated in the VIP room where all the crews won't be able to see us unless they come to check our room more often.

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