17 September 2012

Poulet @ Bugis+

Chef Nelson Chua in action in the open kitchen

Venue: 201 Victoria Street, #04-12 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
Contact: +65 6509 9411
Opening Hours: Daily 10.00am - 10.00pm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PouletSG

- The Shop
Poulét (chicken in French) is a brand by ThaiExpress Concepts Pte Ltd, a contemporary French-themed bistro offering affordable French classics to the mass public.


The 60-seat open dining restaurant is bright and spacious with an open kitchen concept (refer to the above photo), where diners get to watch the chefs in action while indulging.


They are specialises in Poulét Roti (roast chicken), served with mushroom Chardonnay sauce.

- The Food
Salad de Paris @ $9.80
To be honest, I am not a salad person even I am a veggie lover. I just don't enjoy raw veggie. BUT Salad de Paris is a pure bliss! The crisp texture of the chopped garden salad, distinctive sweet-tangy french dressing, put together with dried cranberries, tomato, avocado, black olive and roasted pine nuts, stimulated all the taste you can perceive. It's refreshingly light, delicate and fabulous!

Escargot de Bourgogne @ $8.80
Burgundy snails baked with tomato fondue infused with almond garlic butter. The garlic does not overwhelm other, subtler flavors. It will be well liked by people who prefer a less garlicky taste.

Puff Pastry @ $5.80
The triangular pyramid shape fried pastry is butterly and flaky. Stuffed with crunched Idaho potato, green tea, onion marinated and with a hint of curry served with mint yogurt sauce. Just like the Asian's samosa but less spicy.

Gratin of potato and sweet corn @ $4.80
If you likes potato and sweet corn, this makes a great entrées.

Mashed Potato @ $3.80
The velvety smooth mashed potato with ranch seasoning was very fine and creamy. Taste so good by itself even without any sauce.

Country Side Mushroom Soup @ $5.80
Hearty soup of Idaho potato and aromatic wild mushroom. The wholesome goodness flavour reigns in every slip.

French Onion Soup @ $5.80
The rich flavor of the fond de veau (beef stock) is not due just to the broth, but to the caramelized french onions. The thick broth give a touch of sweetness (and a tad salty), overwhelm serving of caramelized onions and topped with toasted cheese croutons.

Poulet Roti (whole) @ $28.80
The signature roasted poutry is brined for a full day in a in-house' secret recipe then placed in the rotisserie for a slow roast until the skin tans to a golden brown. lasted, served in creamy home made fresh button mushroom chardonnay saute, creating a prefect symphony.

Oxtail de Bourguignon @ $15.80
The tender oxtail was pressure-cooked for hours, served with robust bordelaise that is thick and flavourful. Accompanied with carrot and onion.

Iberico Pork Belly @ $15.80
Meltingly soft braised spanish Iberico Pork Belly served with mashed potato, leek confit and double mustard was very flavourful and a tad salty.

Mediterranean Stew Lam Shank @ $15.80
Lamb shank was oomph to me! The baby lamb shank stewed with root vegetables and rosemary in its own jus infused with orange was my favourite. The stew was less heavy and salty compare to other main dish. The flavoursome succulent lamb has a hint of herb is delightfully flavorful and tasty.

Panna Cotta @ $6.80
Soy bean panna cotta served with longan, light in taste, a prefect dessert to end with after a hearty meal.

Tiramisu @ $7.80
Mascarpone cheese, sponge fingers soaked in espresso and rum syrup. Yes RUM SYRUP, its kids friendly environment. The tiramisu is surprisingly good even without the rum, it hits that post-prandial spot.

Caramelised Apple in Puffy Tart @ $7.80
Baked caramelised granny smith apple and almond pate in puffy tart served with vanilla ice cream is not overly sweet, and mouthwatering. The tart was crisply soft and warm, its freshly bake upon order. So expect about 20mins of waiting time.

Banana Bread Pudding @ $6.80
This banana-flavored bread pudding is not really rich, it give off a toasted fragrance, and banana perfumes the whole dessert. Accompanied with ice cream, mmm I can smell the sweet fragrance already!

- My Opinion
It may not be 100% traditional and authentic, but the flavours and culinary techniques is definitely not too far from it.

Adequately likable food with most options under $20. Most of the main are very rich and deep in favour and towards the salty side. But I guess that's normal for French cuisine as I remember going to another French restaurant who served the food in the same way. If you prefer something light, Poulet Roti will be the best choice.

I enjoy all the desserts that is not too sweet and yet still mouthwatering.

They do not take reservation. Be there earlier to avoid dinner and weekend crowd, else be prepared to queue for 1-2hours to get a seat.

Thank you Chantel and Chef Nelson Chua for hosting us. And thanks Melissa of Melicacy for extending the invites to me!

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