05 September 2012

GIVEAWAY: Gold Kili & Frezfruta Product (CLOSED)


Happy Mid-Week! Weekend is getting closer and you can expect tons of recipes coming up in the next few post!

A word a day keeps the cobwebs away. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. And 3 GIVEAWAY keeps the mid-blues away! Ooooh La La... We are giving away 3 bags of Gold Kili & Frezfruta Product!

Gold Kili

Double Shot Instant White Coffee @ $6.50: This drink features the strong full-bodied taste of the finest Arabica Beans blended with a rich creamer. It is also the first instant coffee in the market that has the added benefits of Inulin. Its called double shot because an extra shot of coffee gives its taste extra “oomph”.

Double Shot Instant White Tea @ $6.50: A rich, intensive fragrant tea extracted from premium grade black tea leaves. Its taste is reminiscent of Hong Kong’s famous si mat nai cha (“stocking milk tea”). An extra shot gives extra “oomph”.

Left: White Coffee, Right: Milk Tea
I am honestly not a coffee drinker, but personally I quite like the white coffee. The milk tea is quite strong and taste very much like the Hong Kong stocking milk tea.


Peach Jam @ $3.00: Made from IQF fresh fruits with a high fruit content of 50%. This jam is natural, wholesome, flavorful and ever-so-popular.

Apple Blueberry Jam @ $3.00: The first apple blueberry jam in the market made from IQF* fresh fruits, with a high fruit content of 50% – this is natural goodness at its best. Singaporeans love apple jams and blueberry jams so this is a marriage of the best flavors. IQF fruits are frozen when the fruits are at its freshest, and
IQF fresh fruits make jams that are delicious, bottling freshness at its best.

Kaya @ $2.25: Formerly presented in a tin can, this orange-coloured kaya is given a new packaging – it now comes in a classy glass bottle. However, grandmas can still
find their “tin-can” kaya in the supermarkets.

Some of you may ponder on the quality of the jam. I think its not too bad, it's not as watery as I thought it may be, but I must say they are a tad sweet.

The products has kinda inspired and lures the inner creative and passionate of me, spicing things up with some experiment. I have whip up two dishes using their products.

Apple Blueberry Milk Tea Cake

Peach Mustard Chicken

I personally love the recipes, are you bold enough to try them?

Grab your chance to win the product and try the recipes at home! Each bag consists of:
1 x Gold Kili White Coffee
1 x Gold Kili White Milk Tea
1 x Frezfruta Peach Jam
1 x Frezfruta Apple Blueberry Jam
1 x Frezfruta Kaya

3 Easy Steps to Win:
1) LIKE www.facebook.com/lioncitydis
2) LIKE www.facebook.com/CelestialDelish
3) Leave a comment on www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=193349690797041&set=a.193349657463711.47874.128130283985649&type=1&relevant_count=4 why you deserve to win the bag of product

Closing date on Friday, 7 September 2012, 23:59 hour. Giveaway are for Singapore only.


Update: 8 Sep 2012, 12.00AM
The GIVEAWAY is officially closed, thank you all for participating!

Congratulation to:
1) Cecilia Mah
2) Jovinne Sham
3) Joyce Teh

For those that didn't win, don't be dishearted. We have more Giveaway coming, stay tune!


  1. Take part in the Giveaway! You might be the lucky winner and u can try the recipe ;D

  2. Every morning with a cup of gold Kili coffee and Frezfruta Apple Blueberry Jam for my breakfast make my day XD... Yam! Yam!

  3. Hi Shareen,

    Thanks for taking part! Please drop the comment at the facebook page photo @ www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=193349690797041&set=a.193349657463711.47874.128130283985649&type=1&relevant_count=4



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