19 September 2012

E.Clat Gourmet Canteen


E.Clat Gourmet Canteen
Venue: 63 Mohamed Sultan Road #03-14 Sultan-Link Building, Singapore
Contact: +65 6604 7998
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am – 8pm | Sat: 10am – 3pm | Sun: 10am – 3pm
Facebook: http://www.eclat.sg

- The Shop
Tucked away in the Sultan-Link building, right in the heart of the vibrant Mohamed Sultan road, open a new causal eatery - Eclat (pronounced 'a-kla'), meaning brilliance of success in french.

Operated by an assembly of property agents (who is also foodies), they offer fine dining for the masses. They couldn't find a place to serve fresh fine food at affordable price. So that's how Elcat was born.

Chef Andy Sim with over 25years of experience, made almost everything freshly from the kitchen. They aim to served fun and interesting food and comfort food in one place.

Plush royal purple seats with wooden tables, the place has a seating capacity for 110 pax.

Morning breakfast buffet is served to their office tenant with 60-70% greens and fresh fruits.

They also have a in-house cooking studio that will be open in September for privilege family income less than $1,200.

- The Food
Tomato Bruschetta (4pcs) @ $6.90
This crispy complement has a nice fragrant of olive oil, unfortunately the tomatoes didn't brings out their inherent sweetness... And I felt a stronger balsamic vinegar to gives it a little bite will be more appetizing to me.

E.Clat Cheesey Onion Fries @ $9.90
Fried fries accompanied with slightly sweetness and charred taste of caramelized onions, topped with a small amount of grated mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Eat it when its hot, the fries will turn soggy very fast.

Egg Benedict @ $10.90
Egg Benedict is an all day breakfast at Eclat. The poached egg is runny, however the hollandaise sauce was a tad watery.

Beer Battered Fish & Chips @ $16.90
The batter is crispy with only a smidgen of oil, fish is all flaky-fresh goodness, swirled in homemade mayonnaise, that is hardly a bad thing.

Seafood Baked Rice in Tomato Sauce @ $10.90
The rice didn't infused the tomato and seafood flavour, it was a tad bland and dry. The cheese again is too little but I like the generous serving of seafood.

Black Pepper Beef Pasta @ $12.00
Sliced tender beef cooked with homemade black pepper sauce. The sauce wasn't peppery, paste can be more al dente. Personally, I will prepare a stronger taste for that extra kick.

E.Clat Smoked Duck Pizza (12 inch) @ $18.90
Thin pizza topped with rocket salad and thinly sliced smoked duck breast. Plus point is the truffle mayonnaise.

Panna Cotta, Rum & Raisin @ $8.80
The pudding is a tad on the heavy side, with very mild (hardly noticeable) rum.

- My Opinion
Ordinary food - nothing to die for.

Since their opening in May 2012, the chef had freshly made almost everything from the kitchen, even the bread. On the downside, the food was subtle in fragrance and not intensely flavourful. And some of the food did not infuse the flavour and aroma of the ingredients well enough.

They are constantly improving and changing their menu to suite the crowd. They will need lots of improvement to go far.

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