21 September 2012

Cuscaden Potio Cafe & Pub


Cuscaden Potio Cafe & Pub
Venue: 21 Cuscaden Road, #B1-11 Ming Arcade, Singapore 249720
Contact: +65 6887 3319
Opening Hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs: 3pm – 1am | Tues: 3pm – 2am | Fri: 3pm – 3am | Sat: 4pm – 3am | Closed on Sundays
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Cuscaden-Patio-Cafe-Pub/115732978488988

- The Shop
Established more than a decade, Cuscaden Potio Cafe & Pub was opened by Jeffrie and his wife, Jennifer.

Currently shielded away behind the building of Ming Arcade, off Orchard Road, are communal affairs meant for long hours of chilling and enjoy a game of pool.


The relaxed atmosphere in this cellar cafe-cum-pub is more authentic than the food, but then again, you can't beat the prices.


Patrons can enjoy a good variety of drinks and basic pub grub such as chicken wings and patio roll. A jug of San Miguel Draft goes as cheap as $12 on Tuesdays all night long and $30 for 6 bottles of San Miguel Light & Stella Artois, $12 for 2 bottles of Hoegarden during happy hours.

Happy hour is Mon - Wed, Friday and Saturday from opening till 10pm. Thur Happy hour all night long.

$30 nett for 5 bottles of beer after 10pm.

- The Food
Chicken Wings @ $20.00/dozen | $10.00/half dozen
Taut and crispy skin wings was well-marinated, however a tad dry yet sufficiently tender. This luscious homemade garlic lime chilli (similar to chicken rice chilli) dip made these wings soar.

Crispy Chicken @ $8.00
The fatty carb bomb was ultra-crispy, juicy, moist, fluffy and crunchy! Popcorn chicken bites are delish, even good on its own without dipped in the chilli sauce.

Patio Roll @ $6.00
Franks wrapped in bread cut to bite size are absolutely perfect for any ice cold pint.

- My Opinion
Crowds rush the good times café-cum-pub for cheap beers. Drop by this cozy place for tasty bites and slip beers beneath the stars at the alfresco.

Thank you Jeffrie and Jennifer for your warmest hospitality. (ˆڡˆ)

Had a good filling (in fact, overly in food coma) time with Melissa and Hazel.
We had a tasting at HRC and thereafter to Cuscaden Potio, which was directly opposite. YEAH I know, "we" can really eat, LOLz.

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