30 September 2012

Longan Red Date Tea (龙眼红枣茶)


Blood pressure is on the lower side, perhaps due to the monthly visit or there has not been sufficient rest. What ever it is, the dizziness and headache depleted my body.

Thanks to Ellena for suggestion making longan (龍眼/桂圆) red date (紅棗) tea to cleanse and rejuvenate the body. They are sweet in taste, warm in nature and are loaded with medical values. Both are known to nourish the blood through reinforcing the blood building functions of the heart and spleen. In additional, longan has the benefits of calming the nerves and promoting restful sleep and are rich in vitamin A and C.

This is a popular tea among Chinese woman used as a restorative tea for after childbirth or during the last part of their menstruation cycle.

Recipe: Longan Red Date Tea
Makes: 4 cups

• 50g dried longan
• 40g red dates (i use seedless)
• 1L water
• rock sugar to taste (i skip this as the dried longan are sweet enough)

1. Rinse red dates and longan.

2. Bring water, longan and red dates to a rolling boil (about 10mins).

3. Simmer for 20mins (add in rock sugar if needed and simmer for another 5mins).

4. Allow to cool. Serve warm or chill.

Ginger help to dispel the wind in our body and keep the body warm. Add about 10-20g of slice ginger if needed.

Personally, I prefer the natural and subtle sweetness of the longan. However if you have a sweeter taste bud, you can add rock sugar/brown sugar according to your preference.

The Longan Red Date Chrysanthemum Tea (龙眼红枣菊花茶) I had brew before, is suitable to drink anytime and more often as chrysanthemum are cooling and balance the drink not causing it to be overly heaty.

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