05 February 2010

2nd attempt of Pineapple Tart

Pineapple Tart

Come celebrate the fruit of the season with Homemade Pineapple Tart!!

I am very happy with my second attempt of making the pineapple tart. It look so much better compare to the first.

I skip some of the ingredients on the first attempt on 31 Jan 2010, and follow quite closely to Missy's Recipe.

1st attempt pastry was quite tasteless as commented by two of my colleagues but the pineapple jam was great. 2nd attempt pastry was very tasty, however pineapple filling was too sweet (due to over ripped pineapple).

Nevertheless, lucky I manage to make nice tarts for my mum just in time before the CNY. All thanks to Missy for showing me the way to roll the dough.

Some tips to share from my own experience;-
1) if you are using unsalted butter, remember to add some salt otherwise it can taste quite blend.
2) taste the grated pineapple before adding sugar. some pineapple can be extremely sweet (i use 100g of sugar for 4 pineapple, and its overly sweet!)
3) salted butter is preferred and adding of milk powder give a better taste of the pastry

I hope you enjoy the process of baking and fun ways to spend the holiday bonding with your family.

Hope you enjoy the festive season and wish all of you a hearty gongxi facai! May all your tables be blessed with abundance throughout the year.
homemade pineapple tarts

Makes: About 70 tarts (35 each in a 9cm base container)

Ingredients for Pineapple Filling:
• 4 large pineapple, cut into pieces
• 200-400g sugar depend on your liking of sweetness (i use 100g sugar and its still overly sweet!)
• 3 cinnamon sticks
• 4 cloves

Method for Pineapple Jam
1. Slice and grate pineapples till fine.
(You can also cut the pineapples into chunks and blend in batches with a food processor - it should be a little bit chunky for a nice bite afterwards)

2. Strain the grated pineapple till dry with a chinois or any strainer.

3. Let it simmer in a pot over medium heat. Add cinnamon stick & cloves for 15 minutes (or you can cook in a microwave on high power for around 30mins, uncovered and stir periodically in-between).

4. Add sugar and simmer for a further 2 hours or until the mixture becomes dry and well-browned.

5. Stir regularly till the pineapple filling is thick, sticky and dry.

6. When ready, leave to cool and shape into small balls.

Note: u can place the pineapple jam in a container and refrigerate until needed, it will store well for up to 6-months.

Ingredients for Tart Pastry :
• 400g plain flour (sieved)
• 50g milk powder
• 25g custard powder
• 50g icing sugar (i use 40g)
• 150g butter (chilled and cut into pieces, soft but not melting
• 65g margarine
• ½ egg

Egg Brush (optional)
1 egg beaten / 1 egg white / 1 egg yolk (depend on the colour u want to achieve on your tarts) - i preffered egg white
egg yolk - gives a very dark colour and it look burned
egg white - gives the pastry a shinning finish
it is also ok if you prefer plain colour, then skip this

Method for Pineapple Tart:
1. Cream butter/margarine until light and creamy. Add egg, stirring to fully incorporate

2. Sieved flour, milk powder, custard powder & icing sugar in a mixing bowl

3. Fold the butter and flour into a smooth pastry and knead slowly till dough resembles bread crumbs

4. Knead into a dough

5. Roll out pastry to ½ cm thick flat surface with a rolling pin and cut into desired patterns with tart cutter (u might need to drip the mould occasionally in some flour to prevent sticking, also add some flour on the table and rolling pin occasionally)

6. Place tarts onto a greased tray

7. Glaze with the egg white/yolk using a small paintbrush on the outer rims of the tarts

8. Dollop with pineapple jam into the centre of each pastry, pressing down gently yo keep it in place

9. Bake for about 10-12mins in a preheated oven at 180C (15-18min if you prefer more hard or until browned)

10. Remove and leave to cool before storing in containers

updated 3 Feb 2013: use my newest recipe on the pineapple tart here -> http://www.celestialdelish.com/2013/02/pineapple-tarts.html

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