28 April 2012

Secretaries' Week - TenShin Japanese Restaurant

bouquet of flowers

This is a week for bosses to express their heartfelt appreciation for their capable secretary with sumptuous delicious meal or bouquet of beautiful flowers.

I have to say I am one lucky secretary to enjoy both! We were indulge in the popular Japanese restaurant, although there isn't a wide selection of food, but the creation are really delicious. After a yummy lunch, there were bouquet of flowers delivered to the office for all the secretaries!

bouquet of flowers

TenShin Japanese Restaurant
Venue: No.1 Cuscaden Road, #03-01 The Regent Singapore 249715
Contact: 6735 4588
Opening Hours: Lunch: 12.00pm - 2.00pm | Dinner: 6.00pm - 10.00pm
Website: http://www.tenshin.sg/english.php

- The Shop
A very small modern Japanese restaurant that receive top accolades from the international culinary community. They have less than 10 tables and a long counter where you can dine and watch the chef at work.

- The Food
We ordered Mini Kaiseki set @ S$85

Condiments for tempura and rice

Experiment your tempura with chilli salt, sea salt, matcha salt, and curry salt. The sea salt is the highly recommended for tempura yet I love the chilli salt.


Some seaweed and vegetable served cold. Pretty tasty.


Sliced sashimi was fresh and sweet. It has a rich taste with flavor, taste so good that I want more!


The tangy Japanese sauce sets off the vegetables and crisp renkon chips (deep fried lotus roots) perfectly.

Mixed Tempura - 3 Seafood
Mixed Tempura - Seafood

A perfectly light but crispy fried coating. They are the best tempura I ever tried in Singapore! Heard the deep-frying technique comes from Japan, each Japanese master chef has his or her own secret formula of flour, seasonal ingredients and oil. This tempura is even tastier with the chilli or sea salt.

Mixed Tempura - 3 Veggie
Mixed Tempura - Veggie

The juicy veggie tempura will be a waste to dip in the radish and tempura sauce. I like the crispy coasting, it still taste awesome by its own thou it's highly recommended to sprinkle a little salt to enhance the flavour. I prefer the chilli salt, the matcha salt is slightly bland and the curry salt don't really go well.

Scattered Tempura Rice
Scattered Tempura Rice

Hot rice with generous chunks of chopped tempura prawn topped with a dash of sea salt and generous sesame seeds. Sprinkling some chilli powder and its so good! oh, there was the pickles too, but I had it in my tummy too fast, oops.

Yuzu sorbet
Yuzu sorbet

Refreshingly citrusy sorbet.

Flowers after lunch
Secretarial Week - Flowers

Don't get excited! Flowers are not free from the restaurant, haha.

- My Opinion

Top quality food, dishes well executed, even the service was beyond satisfactory. I will definitely be back some day for a special occasion with my family!

I only had my iPhone with me, do forgive the poor quality of the pictures, but I can't help to post this because their food are really too good not to be share!

We received the flowers on Monday and I brought back them on Friday, by then the flowers are not in good shape. Lucky I still manage to take 3 averagely good shot of the flowers.

bouquet of flowers

Happy Secretaries' Week 23 - 27 April 2012 or Happy Administrative Professionals' Day (formerly Secretary's Day) 25 April 2012!

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