18 April 2012

ABC Juice

ABC Juice

Start your day healthy with this delicious vegetable fruit juice, that's bursting with flavor and boasts exceptional health benefits. Best to drink in the morning with an empty stomach (preferably an hour before breakfast) or in the evening before 5pm.

ABC Juice (Apple + Beetroot + Carrot) is very nutritious. It's good for constipation, strengthen immune system, good for eyesight, detoxify, good for skin (look more radiant), reducing cholesterol, blood pressure (if you are anemic, consume beet in moderation), cancer cell & cardiovascular disease prevention.

ABC Juice

Recipe: ABC Juice
Makes: 2 glass

• 2 green apples (you can use red for sweeter taste)
• 2 medium beetroots
• 1 medium carrot

1. Wash the vegetables and fruit to remove any pesticide remnants.

2. Peeled all the ingredients and cut into chunks.

3. Bend the apples, add in beetroots and add in carrots.

4. Add a couple of ice if you like it chilled and serve immediately. (If you are not using fruit juice extractor, sieve the juice mixture)

Be warn that beetroot may leave bright pinkish-red stains on your fingers. Rinse your hands with water & soap as soon as you finish handling the beetroot. If they are heavily stained, try sprinkle some salt on your wet hand and rub with it and rinse with liquid dish soap.

Beetroot is also known to be good for helping to treat anaemia. If you have pink urine/bowel after consuming the juice, don't panic as this is perfectly normal.

Thanks to Ellena - Cuisine Paradise for making this juice when I was at her house last week. It was so much better than what you get from outside. Try it!


  1. Yum! Just had a glass. It is a bit intense so I split it into two servings, and topped with lemon seltzer water.

  2. Hi Iwirtanen,

    Wow, that's interesting, I shall try the next round with lemon seltzer water. I usually like my fruit juice intense, hehe


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