16 April 2012

112 Katong Food Republic

Food Republic i12 Katong

112 Katong Food Republic
Venue: 112 East Coast Road, #04-01 112 Katong, Singapore 428802
Contact: 6509 6643
Opening Hours: Mon - Thu, Sun & PH: 10am - 10 pm | Fri, Sat & Eve of PH: 10am - 11pm
Website: http://foodrepublic.com.sg

- The Shop
Food Republic is a dining food atrium concept that offers delectable multi-cultural food complimented with tasteful ambience at affordable prices. They have opened it's 8th outlet at 112 Katong on 13 December 2011. This 400 seater food atrium has 14 stalls, 2 mini restaurants and 1 kiosk.

In line with a professional kitchen outlook where kitchens are fitted with clear glass, Food Republic at 112 Katong also makes dining an inspiring experience where diners get to enjoy great tasting local & international delights while observing chefs churning out their creative food creations.

Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice Indian Express

The decor of the place uses interesting fashion & design decorative items made from real food. These handbags are make from real berries, veggie and grapes! Aren't they pretty?

Food Republic i12 Katong

- The Food
1) Ice Shop Stall
The Ice Shop offers nostalgic desserts such as Ice-Kachang, Bubur Cha-Cha, Chendol, Ice-Jelly and Cheng Tng. With over 15 cold and 5 hot selections, these desserts definitely leaves a sweet ending to any meal.

Chendol @ S$2.40

Chendol was decent, it would be more inviting if the flavour from the gula melaka is more intense.

2) Soon You Tiao Stall
Customers will be able to choose between the traditional dough fritters such as You Tiao (Fried Dough Stick), Butterfly fritters (Butterfly shaped dough fritters) and new exciting flavours for Xian Jian Bing (Deep-fried salty fritters) such as coffee, red and green bean and pandan. Muslim diners will be glad to know that these dough fritters are certified Halal.

You Tiao @ S$0.90
You Tiao

The crispy and chewy You Tiao (Fried Dough Stick) are freshly fried and it's best eaten hot with soya milk.

3) Thye Hong Fried Prawn Noodle Stall
With over 40 years of history, Thye Hong insisted on serving its fare on Opei leaves specially imported from Malaysia and Indonesian. The leaf infuses a subtle, woody fragrance to enhance the taste of the noodles. What's more, Thye Hong was hand-picked by the Singapore Tourism Board to showcase his Char Kway Teow as one of our nation's most celebrated local specialties at the Culinary Institute of America in California.

Fried Prawn Noodle @ S$6.80
Fried Prawn Noodle

The noodles are tasty but too much rice noodles. It would be perfect if they could use a balance of white (rice) and yellow noodles. The taste could be complimented if the "sambal chilli" was spicier.

4) Fu Lin Tofu Tuen Stall
They don't served your normal Yong Tau Fu with a choice of broth flavour or dried. Fu Lin Tofu provide a different kind of Hakka Yong Tau Fu that will be cooked crispy upon order and served with their specially made minced chicken mushroom sauce and chilli together with a side dish of noodles served with the same gravy.

7pcs set with Noodle @ S$6.80
7pcs Set With Noodle

The crispy Hakka Yong Tau Fu goes very well with the flavourful braised sauce, however may be a little greasy since it's items were deep fried.

5) Li Xi Teochew Fishball Noodle Stall
Li Xin's fishballs are made twice daily with yellowtail and kept chilled in cold water but never frozen. This is to keep the fishball soft and bouncy. Not only do they make their own fishballs, they make their own chilli sauce and crispy lard pieces as well.

Mee Pok (Dry) @ S$4.50
Mee Pok Dry

The delectable sweet and spicy noodles accompanied by the soft and bouncy fishballs were simply succulent!

6) Huat Huat BBQ Chicken Wing Stall
Huat Huat BBQ is fondly known for its succulent and juicy chicken wings that are freshly barbecued to golden brown. The barbecued chicken comes with fresh lime to enhance the sweetness of the chicken wings. For those who like the additional kick, try it with their chilli sauce.

BBQ Chicken Wings @ S$1.30 each (min 3 pcs)
BBQ Chicken Wings

The BBQ chicken wings are nicely cooked, tender and juicy. The chilli sauce on the other hand was not so flavorsome, a little diluted.

7) Cho Kee Wanton Noodle Stall
Mdm Soh, owner of the famous Cho Kee Wanton Noodles at Old Airport Road will be launching "coloured noodles", like carrot, seaweed and beetroot flavours, created especially for Food Republic 112 Katong for that unique spin-off.

Choices of Wanton Noodle

Choo Kee Noodle has been serving their much-loved traditional wanton noodles to customers from all walks of life. To maintain the high level of food quality for an exquisite taste, noodles and ingredients like char siew, dumplings and chilli are now prepared in their central kitchen.

Dumpling Spinach Noodle @ S$7.00
Spinach Wanton Noodle

The sauce for the wanton noodle was tasty but I felt the noodle was not springy enough (perhaps we had left the noodle too long before consume as we were busy taking pictures of the food). The char siew was tender and decent, a stronger stock will make the wanton & dumpling soup more slurp-worthy.

Don't fancy soup dumpling? The fried dumpling will be a good choice, oyster vegetables is available for ordering too.
Fried Dumpling

8) Dapur Padang Stall
Padang food is Indonesian most famous traditional cuisine. It is also renowned globally and is always the favourite choice of both Asians and Westerners. Dapur Padang only uses all natural ingredients to serve you the very best of Padang Cuisine's manifold tastes.

Nasi Kuning Set @ S$6.90
Nasi Kuning Set

We only tried the beef Nasi Kuning Set at our table. The fragrant yellow rice came in a form of a cone, the beef was mild in flavour and a little salty, suitable for people who prefer a lighter taste of spices. The variety of side dishes include perkedel (potato fritters).

Other side dish are available.
Nasi Kuning

I like the sambal telur, the chilli is very tasty and spicy.

9) Formosa Delights Stall
Opening its fifth stall at Food Republic, Formosa Delights is famous for its handmade noodles made daily and cooked upon order. Do not be shocked if you see sliced white dough flying through the air into a boiling pot! Called Dao Xiao Mian (knife Shaved Noodle), it is both interesting to watch and delicious to savour. These triangular shaped noodles are higher in elasticity and chewier.

Dao Xiao Mian (Beef) @ S$6.00
Dao Xiao Mian (Beef)

The beef broth is light, noodles were nicely cut and had an al dente feel when biting into it, the braised beef was tender with little bit of trimming of tendon.

Oh, if you are looking for some snacks, their steamed Dumpling is also well-loved for its smooth skin and soft, juicy filling made with ground pork. Fried Dumpling is another attraction on its own. Each dumpling dons a layer of thin expertly kneaded dough, fried to a golden crisp, with juicy ground pork sealed within.

10) Bangkok Gem Stall
Treat your taste buds to an authentic Thai feast at Bangkok Gem. With only the freshest ingredients used in preparing their specialties such as hearty Pad Thai, piquant Tom Yum Goong, fragrant Thai Mango Salad and spicy Thai Green Curry.

Pad Thai with Prawns @ S$6.00
Pad Thai With Prawns

The combination of shrimp on a bed of noodles were mediocre, a little different from the signature taste.

11) Ju Shin Jung Korean Cuisine Stall
Park and Yun had the lofty idea of bringing authentic Korean food to the world and Singapore has became their first stop. They have 3 restaurants in Singapore and Ju Shin Jung at 112 Katong Food Republic will be their first express counter.

Mixed Vegetables Rice in Hot Stone @ S$7.80
Mixed Vegetable Rice In Hot Stone

The savory and satisfying combinations of brown rice and other grains, vegetables and meat has very nice fragrant of peppery taste. Our rice is purple in colour!

12) Ah Yip Herbal Soup Stall
The founder, Mr Cheng Keng Yip, was a physician for more than 10 years and knows that drinking herbal soups is an effective and easy way to good health. Based on his expertise and knowledge in Chinese Herbs, he specially created a range of herbal soups that capitalizes on the efficacy of herbs without comprising on the taste of the soups and taking more than 10 hours to prepare.

Herbal Duck Drumstick Noodle Soup @ S$13.50
Herbal Duck Drumstick Noodle Soup

Size of duck drumstick was very generous, herbal soup taste light and refreshing.

13) Fragrant Hot Pot Stall
Choose your favourite ingredients from a dazzling array of fresh meats, seafood and veggies to have them stir-fried with their special Ma La sauce, made from over 20 different herbs and spices. Originated from Beijing, the Fragrant Hot Pot is widely popular with Chinese nationals here so you can be sure of its authenticity.

Hot Pot @ S$21.90 (triple set)
Hot Pot

Leaping with a multitude of devilishly spicy Sichuan flavours and aromas, this stir-fry was one of my favourite. Don't worry if your taste bud could not handle spiciness, the chefs will be happy to accommodate different levels of "numbness" and "spiciness". Of course, non-spicy is not an option!

14) Indian Express Stall
Offering modern Indian dishes with a unique twist, Indian Express uses authentic herbs, spices and the finest ingredients to create mouth watering flavours that are refreshingly light and healthy at affordable price. Their menu is guaranteed to titillate your taste buds.

Butter Chicken with Garlic Naan @ S$9.00
Butter Chicken With Garlic Naan

I was completely hooked with the first bite. The chewy garlic naan is absolutely delicious paired with butter chicken gravy that is not too creamy and tastes of spices is just right.

15) Pepper Lunch Stall
Pepper lunch offers do-it-yourself fare with fresh ingredients served on a special electromagnetic iron plate. You get to cook your food the way you like it and drizzle it with the honey brown sauce for that sweet tangy taste. Best of all, you get the full restaurant menu at 112 Katong Food Republic.

Pepper Steak @ S$15.90
Pepper Steak

I am a avid Pepper Lunch patrons, I cook the succulent steak the way I like and add garlic soy sauce and dash of pepper to the bean sprouts. If you want your meat to be tender, flip over fast before its overcook.

16) Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice Stall
Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice is famed for its succulent steamed and roasted chicken rice. They have a store located at 275 Thomson Road are recently voted the best hawker at the AsiaOne People's Choice Awards 2010.

Chicken Rice with Dumpling Set @ S$6.50
Chicken Rice With Dumpling Set

The breast meat was a bit on the tough side, not the tender kind of thigh meat that I prefer and the rice was less fragrant that expected but the taste was decent.

- My Opinion
I am very delighted to be invited by OMY.SG and Food Republic for this exclusive Interactive Brunch session with stellar food operators of Food Republic and other food bloggers.

The place is very spacious and clean. Prices are affordable and with so much variety, Eastern part of Singapore will now be spoiled for choice! I will definitely go back for more Fishball Noodles, Butter Chicken with Garlic Naan and Hot Pot.

Food Republic will be launching an exciting "Hawker Kings" campaign to vote for Singapore's top 3 favourite hawker food. Mystery Shopper will select the top 20 stalls out of their 7 branch (exclude Wisma Food Republic as it's under renovation). Readers will vote for their favourite stalls from the newspaper and online to their favourite 10 and final top 3. Voters will rewarded up to $8,000 of cash and prizes! So keep a look out for this campaign.

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