19 June 2011

Luscious Chocolate Mousse Cake (6" Square)

Luscious Chocolate Mousse Cake

I receive many positive feedback on the Luscious Chocolate Mousse Cake I bake for Ling's Birthday although the mousse collapse (sniff sniff) upon reaching the celebration venue. Was pretty disappointed therefore I MUST try to make this cake again with my own adjustment and it is a success!! My in-law say the cake taste very similar to Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence!

It is one delicious and moist chocolate cake meets rich and yummy chocolate mousse. They become great friends who cannot imagine ever living without each other. After all, why should they? They can make so many people so happy. You will be happy after this recipe too!

Recipe: Luscious Chocolate Mousse Cake
Makes: 6" square tin

Base Ingredients
• 60g egg whites
• 40g sugar

B (Sifted)
• 10g corn flour
• 5g cake flour
• 10g cocoa powder

• 5g vanilla essence

1. Whip A till stiff. Add B and mix till thoroughly with spatula. Lastly add C and stir slowly till combined.
2. Spread it into a grease and lined 6" square mould.
3. Bake at 130-150 deg C for 20 minutes (temp depend on type of oven you use, i chose 130deg as my oven heat up very fast). Leave to cool in oven with the door open ajar.

Sponge Cake Ingredients:
• 2 egg yolks
• 30g melted butter
• 38g water
• 15g cocoa powder
• 25g sugar
• 1g salt
• 45g cake flour
• 3g baking powder
• 5g vanilla essence
• 10g chocolate paste
• 5g ovalett

• 2 egg whites
• 2g cream of tartar
• 30g sugar

1. Whip A till fluffy.
2. Whip B till soft peak. Fold both the mixture till lightly combined.
3. Pour it into a greased and lined 6" square tin. Bake at 160-180 deg C for about 30 minutes or till just firm to touch.
4. Leave to cool and cut into 2 layers. (i omit the extra layers as i don't wan my cake too thick)

Mocha Mousse Ingredients:
• 150g convertures' chocolate (i use 52% 120g, 72% 30g) (u can try 40% milk convertures if you prefer sweeter taste)
• 50g unsalted butter
• 5g coffee powder

• 2 egg yolks
• 50g sugar

• 125g mascarpone cheese
• 125g sour cream

• 250g whipped cream

• 4g gelatine sheet (soak in cold water for 5min and dissolves over a bowl of hot water.)

1. Melt A over double boiler and keep it warm. (the mixture must not be tepid, and do not refrigerate!)
2. Whisk B till fluffy and white. Add warmed A slowly into B mixture.
3. Whisk lightly C till well-combined and add to the above mixture slowly.
4. Whisk D till firm perks and combined the mixture slowly with a spatula, add in E slowly.

1. Trim both the base & sponge cake a little to fit into a 6" tin to have allowance for the mousse to cover the whole cake OR
1. Place the base on a 7" board and spread the MOCHA MOUSSE onto it evenly if you do not want the mousse to cover the side of the cake

2. Add a layer of the cake on top and repeat spreading the mousse till all the cake layers have been used up.

3. Cover the whole cake with the mousse and chill overnight

4. Spread with chocolate ganache (optional) and decorate with fruits if desired. I use 1/4 of the ingredients for chocolate ganache.

5. Put in the fridge for few 2hours or till the ganache is harden and serve chill.

Happy Father's Day to all husband and father in the world!!

Luscious Chocolate Mousse Cake

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