12 June 2011

Japanese Dining Sun

Yesterday 3 other girlfriends and I had dinner at Japanese Dining Sun @ Chijmes. If you are first time there, you'll have to climb up a fleet of stairs about 2 doors away from Insomnia with signboard "Sun with Moon".

- The Vibe
The decoration are very contemporary and chic. The ambiance is cozy and comfortable with the warm light setting. Seats are spaciously laid out too.

- The Food
Their food are pricier than other Japanese restaurants especially the Sashimi. The portion of the food is pretty small, however a great part may be attributed to the higher quality of ingredients and what goes into the presentation of the dishes.

Four of us spend $241.30 including of GST & Services Charge. We order 3 Green Tea and the following:

1) Sun Sashimi Salad - $15.00
Japanese Dining Sun - Sun Sashimi Salad

2) Kinoko Olive Oil Tsuke - $9.00
Japanese Dining Sun - Kinoko Olive Oil Tsuke

3) Wagyu Beef Sirloin - $48 (x2 sets)
Japanese Dining Sun - Wagyu Beef Sirloin

4) Ribeye Steak - $33.00 (x2 sets)
Japanese Dining Sun - Ribeye Steak
I like my steak medium rare, with a warm, succulent, juicy pink center and I must say not many chef in Singapore understand what is medium rare. But the chef here does! The steak is very tender and has a flavorful black pepper sauce.

5) Dessert Trio - $10.00
Japanese Dining Sun - Dessert Trio

6) Tofu Cheese Cake - $6.00
Japanese Dining Sun - Tofu Cheese Cake

I heard the Tofu Cheesecake is highly recommended however I prefer the Kuro Goma Pudding ($6.00) which is the other house favourite. The irresistible home made Black Sesame Pudding is so soft that it melts in your mouth. Uncompromising both in food quality and their aesthetic value, these heavenly desserts surely deserve a second serving.

Sashimi is one of my favourite and will definitely be back to try the next time.

- The Service
Service was very prompt and professional. The service staff is friendly and attentive to the customer. Food is served at ideal intervals too.

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