18 June 2011

Exquisite Tastes by Sentosa

The Ultimate Crab & Durian Buffet by Exquisite Tastes by Sentosa
Venue: The Promontory, Sentosa Boardwalk
Price: $38++ (per adult) | $21++ (per child)
Promotion: ANZ Cardholders: 1 dines free with every 3 paying adults.
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This buffet spread is only available from 9 to 26 June 2011.

- The Vibe
The al fresco ambiance at the upper Promontory of the Sentosa Boardwalk is great overseeing Sentosa. They have fans at the tentage to ensure a cool atmosphere. We are seated with a stunning views facing the Sentosa Resort which has the best view to watch the fireworks and crane dance at 9pm.

- The Food
They serve a wide spread of over 40 dishes featuring two Singaporean favourites together - array of crab dishes and durians that are delivered fresh and opened live! The highlights are Durian Pengat, Durian Mousse Cake, Durian Cheese Cake, Durian Ice Cream, Crabs that are cooked in 6 mouthwatering flavour, Whole Baked Salmon in Rock Salt and Chive Butter, Dark Chocolate Mousse and Tiramisu in Chocolate Tart Casing.

Oyster (not bad)

Salmon Sashimi (very fresh and sweet)
salmon sashimi

Wok-Fried Chili Sri Lankan Crab (not as tasty as i expected)
wok-fried chili sri lankan crab

The Black Pepper Sri Lankan Crab is awesome!! It's my favorite food of the day. We heard it is imported from Hawaii.
black pepper sri lankan crab

Ginger Scallion Flower Crab (if you like the original taste of the crab with less flavoring, you will like this)
ginger scallion flower crab

Salted Egg York Crab (salted egg taste is too light)
salted egg york crab

Stir-Fried Slipper Lobster in Black Bean Sauce
stir-fried slipper lobster in black bean sauce

Fried Man Tou (small and delicious)
fried man tou

700kg of Durain is open live daily as your order
live durain

The yellow skin Durain taste better than the fairer one
D24 durain

Tiramisu in Chocolate Tart Casing (has a strong liquor taste)
Tiramisu in Chocolate Tart Casing

Fireworks @ Sentosa Resort World
fireworks @ sentosa resort

Crane show
crane show

Short fireworks to end the show
ending fireworks

- The Service
The service crews are ok but some can be very forgetful. One of our friend has asked for fork & spoon from 3 different crews before someone finally bring it to her.

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