04 August 2013

Liang Court Food Trail + Bento Accessories Sets Giveaway (CLOSED)


Liang Court beckons all food lovers once again with Oishii @ Liang Court, involving their most popular eateries. Sample set-meals at three different F&B outlets for $30 at any of their 12 participating shops. The first shop has been pre-selected, you can choose your second and third stops from any of the remaining 12 shops. Complete the experience at Thirsty The Beer Shop, where you can enjoy a beer worth $6.50 from the over 60 international brews! Diners under 18 years old will receive a can of non-alcoholic drink.

Food trails is happening on every Wednesdays (17, 24, 31 Jul & 7 Aug). If you haven't hear about them, you still have a chance to participate in the last food trail on 7 August.


We used up our Food Trail coupons in a night instead of returning every Wednesday! The gastronomical journey was awesome and fulfilling!!

Tanyoto #01-25
The food trail coupon entitles you to a single portion of Tan's Fish Head with pickled chill, that look fiery but not spicy at all. Fish was fresh but expect lots of bones. Diners can select any two of the three main dish (minced meat dumpling in chilli sauce, sichuan dan dan noodles and sichua dragon soft dumpling). I fall in love with the Dan Dan Noodles.

Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru #B1-50

The Lady's Set (U.P $15) is a special bento box created just for the food trail.

The sushi was decent. Not very fresh but acceptable.

Nice combination of 3 types of sashimi, assortment of tempura, miso-marinated tofu topped with uni and garden salad.

We likes the not-so-sweet dessert of fruits and kanten.

Shin Yen #02-19

This is our favourite stop, highly recommended!!! Loves every plate of dishes that was served.

Cold dish platter of oyster mushrooms with herbal sauce, poached savoury kampong chicken and chilled fresh bamboo shoots salad. We don't mind to pay extra for bigger portion!

Taiwan-style rice with soya sauce lean pork. Not too salty, fragrant, simply lovely!

Crisp-fried prawn rolls with yam paste.

Taiwan-style mango and milk over shaved ice. It's not too sweet and packed with sweet manago flavour.

Marutama Ramen #02-01

Signature Marutama Ramen - Ra-men Zenbu-nose (U.P $18) with all the toppings of kakuni (stewed pork belly), sliced roast pork, Aosa (seaweed), Negi (spring onions) and half-boiled seasoned egg.

This is our 2nd favourite place. The Ramen was tasty but felt really thirsty thereafter too. The noodles was springy, soup has a spicy finish that came from the spring onions. Particularly impressive is the pork, soft, tender and full of exquisite taste in every bite. The half boiled eggs was goodness but too salty.

Shakey's Pizza #02-32

Diners is spoil with 3 options, Slim trim caesar salad ($4.80) and Spaghetti carbonara ($13.80) / Oishi wasabi premium pizza (9 inch $19.80) or Hula hawaiian class pizza (9 inch $18.80) / Shakey's baby black ribs (full slab $19.80)

The ribs was average, sauce a little too rich and sweet for our liking.

Dulcet & Studio #01-41

Enjoy 2 pieces of cakes on display and a cup of regular coffee (U.P $16.60).

Left chocolate marble, right Scoop Cake (my all time favourite). Loves all their cake, super moist, soft, fluffy and not too sweet! But the coffee was... a big disappointment.

Thirsty - The Beer Shop #02-34

The teeny weeny shop has nothing fancy about the ambiance. But is a beer aficionado's heaven stocked with close to 350 premium beers and ciders from 20 different countries. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They will be more than happy to guide you through the gamut of styles available.

Ladies should try the fruit beer - peach lambic. We were told this is the best seller for ladies choice.

Shoppers who spend a minimum of $150 can redeem one of these Bento Accessories. Shoppers can combine up to three same-day receipts to qualify. Limited to one shopper per day till 12 August or while stocks last.



We really loves the bento accessories, however we do not make bento and is a waste to keep them. Therefore we likes to share with our reader who enjoys making bento. CelestialDelish is giving away the bento accessories to ONE lucky reader. Simply drop a comment in this post why you enjoy making bento and you might walk away with the cute lovely bento accessories!

Closing date on 9th Aug, 10pm.

Congrats to Shirley Tan for winning the Bento Accessories Set! Happy making bento for your children!


  1. Omg!!! All the bento moulds are sooooo cute!!!!

  2. wow, this is right near my house, I'm going to try it soon!

  3. I love making Bento because I love the smile on my prince n princess when they see the set made with llove.. Im very blessed that my kids are not very fussy with their food, I try my best to put nutritious food together, sometimes its not as tasty.. with these bentos accessories I can tempt them to eat more healthy stuff made with love... n good for them!

  4. I enjoy making bento because not only helps me to save my lunch money, but also relaxs my mind when creating all these wonderful designs, sometimes i eat with a heavy heart :)

  5. its make my food so intresting difdernt shapes and styles gives damn good presentation and as well yum yum to tatste

  6. We love Japanese food. It is a great bonding activities for us. Let our creatives flows!!!

  7. I enjoy making bentos as it allows me to be creative and when I make bentos for my family or friends, it is nice to hear compliments from them and also. using these bento accessories makes the food more appealing

  8. I like to make bento for children as I believed they will like it and enjoy their food with the cute creation.

  9. I love making cute bentos as it really cheers you up when you managed to succeed and it looks so kawaii! Plus its definitely cheaper, more hygienic and healthier than outside food.

  10. I like to make bento for my two children.The reason being they are super picky with their food.They hate eating vegetables.For normally,i will cut the veggies in smaller pieces or for instance,carrots,i will cut it into a star shape.I hope to win this bento accessories so i can create new design bento for my two children.The accessories are so cute and i bet they will be attracted to it and finish every single bit of food(:

  11. The smiles and happiness radiating from my kids' faces when they received their bento meals I created for them make me want to do even more. The true joy in bento making. :)

  12. The happy smiles radiating from my kids' faces whenever they receive the bento meals I created for them make me want to do even more. The joy of bento making for my loved ones is priceless!!:)

  13. Bento is the message of love to convey to my loved ones when they are busy at work. Not only is it healthy and hygienic, it strengthen the bond between family members :)

  14. Hi Shirley,

    Thank you for taking part in the Bento Accessories Giveaway.

    You're the lucky ONE that win the bento accessories sets. Please check your email and reply back to us by Sunday, 11th Aug, 11pm. We will have to pick another winner if we don't hear from you then.

  15. Hi Shirley,

    We are sorry but we have to pick another winner as we did not hear from you.

    Looking forward to seeing you more often. Better luck next time =)

  16. Hello Madeleine,

    We have repick another winner as the initial winner did not reply back. And you are the lucky one!

    We have send you a email, please reply back by Wed, 14 Aug, 11pm. Hopefully we will not need to pick another winner then.

  17. Collected the bento accessories. Thanks for the giveaway


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