14 August 2013

Goldleaf Restaurant (New Taiwan Porridge)


Goldleaf Restaurant
Venue: 110 Amoy Street, #01-00, Singapore 069930
Contact: +65 6324 8310
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6.00pm - 12.00am
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Goldleaf-Restaurant

- The Shop
Goldleaf Restaurant (formally known as New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant) is a Taiwanese-Singaporean restaurant conceptualised. Established in 1971 at Oxlet Rise, has moved from place to place for a number of years and finally nestled comfortably among the conservation shophouse at Amoy Street.

The four decades restaurant started as a humble abode for many hungry late-nighters, whom would trek from all over the island for dishes like the Braised Pork with Mei Chye (preserved mustard veggies) and Fresh Cockles with the Chef’s Special Sauce.



The spacious and comfortable authentic restaurant offer comforting homely Taiwanese cuisine with a modern twist.

- The Food
Fresh Lime Juice @ $2.00
The freshly squeezed lime juice is paradoxically with some mellow softness and ever-so-gentle piquant on the palate. We prefer it to be more tangy for the extra kick, but not everyone can take the sourness. Nevertheless still a refreshing drink that quenches thirst on a hot day or over a meal.

Appetizer for every table.
The braised beancurd is amazing on its own, or with porridge. Simple as it is, yet it gives a very nostalgic touch to our tastebuds.

Stir Fried Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk @ $16.00 / $36.00
I adore the lip smackingly flavorful salted egg yolk. It's delicious and aromatic with a titch of bird's eye chilli spicing up the saltiness. I think it will even perks up the lively flavour with some curry leaves.

Cai Poh Omelette @ $6.00 / $10.00
The daintiness of the substantial cai poh (preserved radish) was really awesome with their potato porridge! They are subtly moist, fluffy, thick and unbelievably soft! The only downside, too salty to be eaten on its own!

Goldleaf Special Fried Rice @ $12.00 / $18.00
The perfectly cooked puffy rice with juicy pieces of prawns, Chinese sausage, crab meat and the blissful aroma of salted silver fish. I was owned by the aroma of food and the nostalgia taste.

Taiwan Lettuce (er cai) @ $8.00 / $14.00
A seasonal veggies stir fried with garlic or sambal accented with wolfberry. Loves the crunchyness and refreshing taste from the veggies.

3-Cup Chicken with Basil @ $12.00 / $16.00
The dish is a little too delicate for those expecting the usual hearty deftly flavoured. It was braised succulent but the chicken did not infuse the sauce and the sauce is subtle in flavours. Maybe this is how the traditional Taiwanese do it.

Traditional Prawn Rolls @ $8.00 / $12.00
Over 50 years of secret, this dish is truly rustic. The ngo hiang (prawn rolls) was nicely crisp but not tough with generous water chestnut that adds a lovely crunch to the juicy filling. Only fresh ingredients are used to produce this 5-decade old favourite in its original form and flavour.

Goldleaf Braised Pork Belly @ $10.00 / $16.00
An awesome robust flavourful pork belly richly reamed with fat. It takes many hours of preparation to bring out this immensely delicious dish. No wonder the meat was moreish, tender and toothsome. This dish is sure to please with porridge and rice.

Cod Fish with Specialty Sauce @ $9/100g
Fried to a perfection of crisp on the outside, while maintaining the juice in the fish. It was somewhat lack of something which we can't really tell.

Fresh Cockles with Special @ $8.00 / $14.00
Some dislike the bizarre taste sensation in cockles. But I LOVE IT! The fresh cockles is served cold, bright, soft, plump, juicy and full of freshness in every bite. Nope, there ain't unpleasant smell.

Despite being loaded with their homdmade tangy chilli sauce, it does not feel spicy! The sauce makes a beautiful marriage to the cockles. Love it or loathe it. I am the former! (PS: the saucy chilli dip is serve separately, but we prefer to pour all over our cockles!)

Green Tea Jelly (back) & Red Tea Jelly (front) @ $4.00
A delicious healthy dessert. Both has a lovely tea note but red tea was weaker in fragrant. Of course we prefer the green tea!

Herbal Jelly @ $3.00
The herbal in the homemade jelly was mild yet distinctive. Lovely on its own or dousing in honey.

Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts @ $4.00
The velvety silky paste was savoury. It evokes mixed feelings, which is hard to explain. Definitely nostalgic and well-liked by the older generation.

- My Opinion
Don't be alarm if some of the dishes are more salty. Their food are a perfect marriage for porridge, so it might be too much if you having them on its own.

They have a strong heritage and with many dishes featuring interesting historical origins, you will be certain to enjoy the homely food.

All readers of Celestial Delish will enjoy a 10% off bill with a minimum spending of $50 for dining in the restaurant (not applicable for drinks and liquor). Simply quote our blog name when making payment. Promotion ends on 30 Sep 2013.

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