21 August 2013

An Open Dinner Invitation to Singaporeans

I stumble across this video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KhVB42QkAM, a German couple opening their door to local (Singaporean) to understand their culture through authentic home-cooked food straight from their kitchen.

I decided to jump at this opportunity and was surprised that I got picked to attend the dinner which took place over the weekend! I thought this is an unusual and good move bridging the gap between migrants and locals. It will definitely takes the dining experience a notch higher, don't you agree? It's also heartwarming to know they have met all the nice, friendly, welcoming Singaporean (YOU make us proud!). 

Most of my peers, including me, grew up living in HDB slab block. I remember neighbours will break the ice by knocking at our door to offer us their home cooked food (curry, kuey, cookies etc). Sometime we will be invited to their home for a meal too! This practice has taught us about the diversity of cultures through the foods enjoyed by different cultures.

Food is more than just vital. Every flavour has a story to tells, how we acquire it, who eats it, the culture, etc. It's beyond merely nourishing the body, it strengthen the bonds between individuals and we enjoy our food a whole lot more. It also encourage people to look back through generations of their family.

It's fun inviting friends or being invited for a meal, but will you dine with a stranger of a different ethnicity in the bid of sharing one’s culture through food? How open are you to the concept? Surely I like to be invited!

The dinner will be posted very soon so do keep a lookout for it in my next post!

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  1. What a fabulous opportunity you had there! I do miss the good old-fashioned cookout and sharing of the old days. It was kind of the German couple to share their dining table. This is one of the speediest and heartwarming and wonderful way to share cultures and appreciation of our diversity!

    Surely i would love an opportunity to mingle as you did!


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