31 July 2013

Foodpanda.sg + Giveaway (CLOSED)

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I do enjoy cooking and wish I have all the time in the world to cook everyday for every meal. Unfortunately time is not in my favor all the time. There are also days when I am too lazy especially after a hectic day at work. Other days, we just want to pamper ourselves with nice dine out food, without the crowd.

If you are like me, you will be pleased to know Foodpanda is here to rescue!

Foodpanda Singapore is a fast growing online food delivery service that provide a convenient service to anyone who is too busy to cook or wants to dine-out at the comfort of home.

Food Panda has collaborate with more than 130 food outlets. You will be spoil with many staggering range of cuisines including Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, European, Korean, Middle-eastern, Indonesian etc. Many well known restaurants like Tony Roma's, Chilis, Outback Steak House and many more. Your hunger will be satiate by the choices!

Simply enter your postcode and search for cuisine type, restaurants or even price range. The restaurant index also includes address and delivery hours.

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If you face any difficulties or has doubt, you get help through the LiveChat by their helpful friendly staff.

Some restaurants even offer free bottle of drinks above certain amount spend.

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After finalising your order, key in your address and contact details.

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Select your payment mode.

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And voila! Your order is on the way!

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Upon completing the order, you will receive an email and a sms from Foodpanda when the restaurant has confirm your order.

We have ordered our dinner from Kinara Contemporary North Indian Cuisine. The food was neatly packed in containers.

Chicken 65 @ $12.50
With a crispy outer layer, the velvety taste of the chicken cube leaves you floored. Every single bite of the deep-fried chicken cubes tempered with curry leaves, green chillies and sauteed in hot red sauce was utterly delicious. It was no where near to fiery hot, very mildly light chilli taste, nicely marinated. The finger licking good chicken cubes is perfect for bar snack or entree.

Lucknowi Biryani $16.00
The biryani was amazingly flavorsome. The yellow rice absorbed the fragrant spices very well to create a perfect tastes of exotic. Tender chunks of chicken engulfed with clouds of basmati and enlivened with Lucknowi herbs and spices definitely tickles your taste buds. One bite and we couldn't stop eating!

Fish Tikka Masala @ $19.00
Boneless pieces of fish cooked in an enticing tandoor and Indian masala was flavorful. Loves the the blend of India spice and richness of the creamy and a tad spicy gravy. However the fish was a tad overcooked.

Bhindi Masala @ $12.00
The lady finger was very welled cooked and despite being loaded with herbs and spices, the lady fingers does not feel heavy! Soft, tender and full of exquisite taste in every bite.

Complimentary Salad
Not too sure what this was, but I believe it is some salad in yogurt sauce. Don't really know how to appreciate it.

Personally in my opinion, the Chicken 65 and Lucknowi Biryani is a MUST TRY! Veggie lover can try the Bhindi Masala too!

Hop on to Foodpanda Singapore now to order restaurants food and dine in the comfort of home! There are also lots of cheaper choices like Thai To Go, I tried their food, it was really good. OR download their apps at www.foodpanda.sg/contents/apps for easy access on your mobile.

We have $20 Foodpanda vouchers for Giveaway. THREE lucky readers of CelestialDelish will each receive a $20 voucher. To take part, simply:
1) Like & Share the photo on https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=343954175736591&set=a.183403925124951.43646.128130283985649&type=1&theater
2) Drop a comment what you like about Foodpanda on the above Facebook link.

Closing date on 3 Aug 2013, 12.00PM!

Congrats to the three following winners:
Oscar Chee
MrsShenny Fu
Autumn Moon

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