27 July 2013

Macro Photography @ Marang Trail


We have been shooting so much food that we almost forgotten it was macro photography that inspire us to invest in a DSLR. The interest did not die off, it was just forgotten.

I missed the days shooting macro and sunrise/sunset. After 1.5 years of food photography, finally I am shooting something else beside food. These decent photos have so much room to improve. Although I am not impress but I am happy to be able to shoot something.


Shooting macro require lots of patience, not only the framing is challenging, you have to be sharp, quick, and observance.


A lot of people can shoot macro, but how many can shoot macro with a interesting perspective and make you fall in love with the scary uninteresting insects? The beauty of macro is the revealing minute detail that the human eye doesn't usually pick up on. With this said, some close-up photographs have the potential to look a bit dull, with a little creative perspective can create an abstract image, plus a touch of processing will makes the picture pop!


Of course I am no where near to it yet. Hopefully some day, I can shoot macro as good as I am in food photography.


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