02 February 2013

Homemade Reunion Delights made with MAGGI

MAGGI Eight Treasures Pot

I missed the heart-warming memories where I was greeted by the wafting aroma of my mum homemade food everyday when I am home. After marriage, we eat out most of the time as we were too busy/tired to cook.

Recently I have received a Chinese New Year Gift Pack from MAGGI®, which motivate me to whip up a tasty homemade meal to delight my family members for our reunion dinner.

The gift pack consists of
· MAGGI® Concentrated Chicken Stock (Healthier Choice Symbol, Less Salt, No added MSG and Halal certified)
· MAGGI® Premium Oyster Sauce (Healthier Choice Symbol, Less Salt, No added MSG and Halal certified)
· MAGGI® Seasoning (No added MSG)
· 80g of premium Dried Mushroom (worth $6)
· Eight Treasures Pot Recipe Booklet

It is retailing at a promotional rate of $10.80 only!!
MAGGI Chinese New Year Gift Pack

Thank you MAGGI® for inspiring us with the Eight Treasures Pot recipe – an auspicious and symbolic dish befitting this festive occasion. Combining 8 different gourmet ingredients, what makes this dish special is MAGGI® Concentrated Chicken Stock – a highly versatile chicken stock that not only adds flavour, but also boosts the aroma and enhances this dish with the richness of double-boiled taste.

Recipe: MAGGI® Eight Treasures Pot 吉祥如意八宝煲
Serves: 8 pax                                       Preparation Time: 50 minutes

• 1 Canned Baby Abalone (8 pcs)
• 8 Dried Mushrooms (soaked)
• 8 Dried Scallops, washed and soaked with 200ml hot water (to retain as stock for later use)
• 8 Large Dried Oysters (washed and soaked)
• 60g Fish Maw, soaked and squeezed to remove excess water. Slice into 3cm pieces
• 120g Sea Cucumber (ready to use) Slice into 3cm pieces
• 400g Lettuce (washed)
• 6 Red Dates (soaked)
• 1 tbsp Wolfberries (soaked)
• 5 cloves Garlic (sliced)
• 5 slices Young Ginger
• 3 tbsp Chinese cooking wine (optional)
• 3 tbsp Cornflour, mixed with 3 tbsp water
• 500ml Water, including 200ml of scallop stock retained after soaking the scallops

Seasoning (Mixed Together)
• 2 tbsp MAGGI® Concentrated Chicken Stock (healthier choice, less salt)
• 1 tbsp MAGGI® Premium Oyster Sauce (healthier choice, less salt)
• 2 tsp Sesame oil

• 1 stalk Coriander leaves (cut into sections)

1. Heat oil to fry garlic and young ginger till fragrant. Add mushrooms, oysters, sea cucumber, fish maw and red dates. Stir­‐fry well and add water.

2. Braise the ingredients for 20 minutes at low heat, covered. Add wolfberries and seasoning sauce, then braise for another 20 minutes.

3. Add baby abalone and cook till all ingredients are tender. Season with cooking wine and thicken the gravy with the cornflour mixture.

4. Lastly, add lettuce and garnish with coriander leaves before serving.

Recipe inspired by: MAGGI®

With the simple and easy to prepare recipe, it is the perfect dish for anyone who wants to cook for this special occasion but is pressed for time. Oh, did I say this was the BEST dish on the table during our reunion, it was highly raved. My family demand me to cook this again next year!

Beside the Exclusive Chinese New Year Gift Pack retailing at a promotional rate of $10.80, MAGGI® has also inspire homemade happiness with a series of exclusive gift packs to make this Chinese New Year all the more delightful.

- For the purchase of two bottles of MAGGI® Concentrated Chicken Stock, consumers will receive a complimentary MAGGI® Bottle Stand for condiments and sauces.

- For the purchase of 1 bottle of MAGGI® Seasoning, consumers will receive a MAGGI® plate clip holder which will come in handy when serving hot dishes.

- For the purchase of any one box of MAGGI® Stock Cubes (Retail store price at $2.95 per box), consumer will receive another complimentary packet for free. Promotion applicable to both Chicken and Ikan Bilis flavours.

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