11 February 2013

Sun Ray Cafe


Sun Ray Cafe
Venue: 79 Brighton Crescent (Serangoon Garden), Singapore 559218
Contact: +65 6283 8700
Website: www.sunray.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SunRayCafeSG

- The Shop
Located in the vicinity of Serangoon Garden, sits a pet-friendly, casual dining cafe, known as Sun Ray Cafe. The owner started the cafe with two part time staff in December 2010. The hard work and passion escalates to what they are today.

Cozy area for patrons who prefer not to dine with pets.

The other side of the cafe allows you to spend time with man's best friend.

A nice romantic VIP room for bigger group with no minimal spending.

Relax at the outdoor table with your pooches, sip on a cup of Sun Ray Cafe's signature coffee, order a sausage or two... (that's what I call life!)

Sun Ray Cafe has also hosted numerous pet parties (now you know where to hold your pet's birthday celebration). Yes, pet owners, I can see your grinning!

- The Food
Chinese New Year Promotion (1st - 24th Feb 2013)
Rising Joy @ $10.80 for 2 | $16.80 for 4
Lovingly crafted by the team, the special Sun Ray Cafe Yu Sheng Platter has a tasteful combination of veggies, pemelo pulps, smoked salmon and honey plum sauce topped off with croutons for that extra crunch. The rich and thick sauce will awaken your taste buds with a pin of the classic recipe.

Love how the shredded veggie make it easier to eat. The secret sauce enhance the tangy taste to the sweet fruity sweet sauce, definitely awake the palate.

Bounding Happiness @ $6.80
Being a pet friendly cafe, they have included the pets’ version of yu sheng. With the exact ingredients, but with boil salmon and does not contain salt or seasoning.

Chubby (Melissa' darling) having her yu sheng while we are disturbing her with our camera, oops...

Valentine's Day Promotion (13th & 14th Feb 2013)
Have a double date at Sun Ray Cafe with your darling (partner) and baby (pet) this Valentine's Day. Instead of beating the crowd in most restaurant, dine in a homely environment for a comfortable dinner at the quaint residential estate of Serangoon Gardens.

3 entree (steak, salmon, chicken) of choice staring from $30+ per person

(Entree A) Australian Seared Steak @ $45+ per pax
Australian seared steak marinated in red wine and rosemary served with Lyonnais potato
The steak was a tad dry and tough which I believe it was cooked thoroughly. A medium-rare will be more desired! Nevertheless, the red wine and rosemary make a delicious complement to seared steak, full and flavourful.

(Entree B) Crusted Salmon @ $35+ per pax
Sesame crusted salmon served with sweet taro mash
Perk up salmon fillets, with crunchy black & white sesame topping. The sweet taro mash tasted like sweet potato to me. An amazing combination, not only it adds extra fragrant it has a unique bites. Simple yet impressive.

(Entree C) Honey Glazed Spring Chicken @ $30+ per pax
Grilled honey glazed spring chicken served with oven-roasted potatoes
This beautiful glazed chicken is served with tasty oven-roasted potatoes.

Starter: Smoked Salmon Salad
The leafy green is served with avocados and cherry tomatoes. The walnut sauce and balsamic vinegar are wonderful mixed together for a delicate sweet zesty dressing.

Soup: Cuppa' Mushroom
Creamy with a velvety finish, a robust flavor that you sure to love. The rich texture of the finish is strangely attractive even on a blistering hot day.

Dessert: Choice of Homemade Tiramisu or Chocolate Lava Cake (unfortunately the menu are not ready during our tasting, so we didn't get to try them).

Drink: Choice of a glass of Signature Mocktail Mellini or House Wine

Some of the other dishes from Ala carte menu

Pork Chop

Double Chocolate Ice Blended
Not only it looked very enticing, it is So chocolatey, rich and dark. This is a MUST TRY!

- My Opinion
The place is about 8-mins drive from NEX. The food may not be the best, the location may not be the most convenience, but the service is definitely impeccable and perhaps serving one of the BEST coffee! Not only the staff are attentive, warm, and most importantly knowledgeable. They loves their work and the cafe, everyone is filled with passion. That will make you happy with their good service too!

The cafe is very well known for their coffee. They uses premium geisha coffee bean. The beauty is you won't get headaches or gastric even drinking it all day long. They also offer coffee appreciation workshop, diners can learn brewing coffee using the "pour over" method and the correct way to drink coffee. If you are a coffee lover, do call them for more info on the workshop.

Sun Ray will be extending a $10 Return Voucher to all our readers! Visit their cafe and quote "Happiness Will Keep Us Alive!" to the staff serving you. There is no limit spending and you can immediately use the return voucher to offset your bill. -> Promotion has ended with effect of 10 May 13.

Ignite Your Senses this Valentine’s Day with double date at Sun Ray Cafe! How fun to dine with your darling (partner) and baby (pet)! There is cooked pet food available too!

Thank you Hazel for the invite, Kenneth and Sun Ray Cafe for your warm and passion hospitality.


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