25 January 2013

Dishonest Merchant - Quik Snack

love letter

I was browsing through http://www.streetdeal.sg/ this morning and found my love letter (Kueh Belandah) photo used in advertising for Quik Snack.

Although the 1st photo (above) was crop, but I recognise it immediately. I tried calling StreetDeal main line at 6361 0888 and waited on the line for 45mins, it just keep saying "all our agent are engaged at the moment, you may wish to send us a email at info@streetdeal.sg or you may press zero for our next available agent".

I decided to call Quik Snack directly, since there was a number on the web. I told the guy that I saw their ad on StreetDeal and I am the rightful owner of the photo they are using. He then said he don't know what is going on as it was StreetDeal who provide them the photo, he don't think they have any picture for them. Nevertheless, I demand my photo to be remove immediately and he said he will call StreetDeal to inform them.

I also email StreetDeal (since I couldn't get them on the phone) and gladly they reply very promptly (within an hour). They apologize and said they will asked the sales manager to get my photos remove and inform the merchant accordingly. Thereafter I heard that the photo was given by the merchant who she claim is hers, and they still have the email from the merchant with my photo in the attachment!! I also heard StreetDeal don't provide photos to their clients, if they do it will be from ShutterStock.

I text the merchant with what I understand and also ask them not to steal people photos again, but there was no reply. I assume they are guilty.

Although my photos was removed, I still want to make my point that it is very UNPROFESSIONAL to STEAL people photos to use for their business. Not only it is a dishonest act, it is deceiving to their customer. In this case, Quik Snack used MY HOMEMADE Love Letter photo to sell their homemade love letter. You as the consumer, decide if u have faith and trust in this merchant.

I appreciate StreetDeal for looking into this matter so promptly. However I despise the act of the merchant.

2nd part of the ad, a complete photo from my post www.celestialdelish.com/2012/01/kueh-belandah-love-letters.html
love letter


  1. I know that merchant in real life, he is always cooking up stories and giving false information. That caused me a business project. Good to expose these people!

  2. Hi Johnson,
    Regret to hear what happen, I hope you didn't make a huge lost. It really disgust me, being dishonest, deny their fault, refuse to apologize, and still pushing blame to another party. ACT BLUR!!

  3. Ouch, I feel you! The merchant business won't go far. Cheating their way out will only cause failure. Let's wait and see.


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