13 January 2013

Home Remedy - Ginger Tea (黑糖薑茶)


Hubby's digestive process is a little "out of functioning". He has been complaining of bloated stomach and like it's gonna explode anytime! Since he refuse to visit a doctor (men hates visiting the clinic, don't they?), I shall give him home remedy - ginger tea.

Ginger tea is good for alleviating bloated stomach, upset stomach, aids digestion, reduce nausea, and common cold. It’s also a soothing tea for cold days.


However, do note that drinking ginger tea on an empty stomach may give rise to gastrointestinal disorders. Excessive ginger tea will cause heartburn and may cause excessive contractions of the uterus for pregnant women.

Recipe: Ginger Tea with Gula Melaka
Serves: 2

• 4 cups of water
• 3-inch piece of old ginger (about 74g)
• 40g gula melaka (or brown sugar to taste)
• slice of lemon (optional)

1. Wash and peel ginger (use a spoon to peel ginger, it's easier and work better than a peeler).

2. Slice or crush the ginger with the back of a chopper.

3. Simmer ginger in water on low heat for 15 minutes (if you prefer a stronger and tangier tea use more ginger and boil for 30 minutes.

4. Add gula melaka/brown sugar and simmer for another 5 minutes.

5. Strain tea and best served hot.


After making a hot ginger tea for hubby, he insisted of making french toast. And of course insisted that I must take a photo of it!


He can be really sweet and cute at times. Like a boy. ;)


  1. i find that ginger tea with black sugar helps the most because i suffer from the same problems as your hubby :/ the french toast picture looks awesome though ;p

  2. Hi Janine,
    Take care, and I hope you are feeling better.
    The french toast photo was just a add on to the post, thanks for the compliment. ;)


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