21 January 2013

Soup Broth Asia + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)


Soup Broth Asia
Venue: 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-62 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
Contact: +65 6338 6909
Opening Hours: Sun to Thur 11am - 10pm | Fri & Sat 11am - 10.30pm
Website: www.soupbrothasia.com

- The Shop
The contemporary Soup Broth Asia is established by The Soup Spoon (a leading soup chain in Singapore since 2002) in August 2010.

The 60-seater outlet offer an exciting variety of the best homemade delicious Asian soups with everything made fresh from the kitchen with No MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) added!!

The secret to their good soups lies in the stock. At Soup Broth Asia, the soup base is prepared from ingredients slow cooked in a tilting kettle for at least 8-hours to ensure a flavorful gourmet stock. The ingredients will then be discard and slow cook with a fresh batch of seafood/meat/veggies before serving to customer. This allows the ingredients to preserve their nutritional value and remain tasty at the same time.

- The Food
Kimchi Beef Hotpot @ $16.80
The Korean stew-like soup is loaded with crunchy kimchi, Korean rice cakes, tofu and egg. Along with raw slices of beef on the piping-hot lightly spiced kimchi stew. Personally, I will prefer a spicier broth for the extra fiery kick.

Sumo Nabe Hotpot @ $15.80
The variation of Sumo Nabe hotpot comprises slices of chicken, cabbage, lotus root, fried tofu and carrots. The soy milk broth is light yet thoroughly satisfying. The sweet beany taste enhance the savoury aspect of the broth. It's unique and interesting. I wasn't quite sure if I like it initially, but I quite enjoy the soup thereafter.

Three-Cup Chicken Hotpot @ $13.80
The thick homemade three-cup sauce has a divine aroma of sesame oil, rice wine and soy sauce. It was deftly flavored and braised succulent. Combined with basil and dried chilli is simply pungent!

Diners can add on Udon Noodles OR Chinese Cabbage OR Enoki Mushroom for a $1.50 to the hotpot.

Paper-Wrapped Herbal Chicken @ $16.80 (Half Chicken)
IMG_0533edit1 IMG_0534edit1
IMG_0536edit1 IMG_0543edit1
The aroma of concoctions and chicken mingle together to exude a heartily scent.

The delicate aroma and flavourful blend of herbs is a crowd pleaser. Not overly concoctions yet intensely good. The chicken was tender and succulent. Enjoy every bite with the inviting aroma as you tuck in. The dish is completed with a bowl of white rice.

A La Carte
Szechuan Style French Beans @ $6.90
The wrinkled and tooth tender french beans accompanying crumbled savory bits was drenched in flavor.

Braised Tofu in Sambal Chilli Sauce @ $7.50
This is comfort food at its best. The sambal chilli sauce was addicting, a tad spicy and sweet. The garlic bites also add an extra flavor punch.

If diners prefer more than soups, they can opt for additional side dishes to round up their meal. There is veggie upgrade at $3.80 or meat upgrade at $4.60 (half size of a la carte). Yam rice is available for a nominal charge of $0.50.

Brewed Pink Barley with Lychee Jelly @ $3.80 (left)
Osmanthus Flower Tea with Goji Berries @ $4.50 (right)
The Pink Barley with Lychee Jelly taste a tad sweet and remind me of our childhood rose syrup drink. While the Osmanthus flower tea was very refreshing and has a unforgettable aromatic fragrance.

Mango Sago @ $3.80
The mango sago was rich and not overly sweet.

Cheng Tng @ $3.80
Cheng tng was a little light in taste.

- My Opinion
Being a soup lover, I likes most of the soups at Soup Broth Asia. They are very heartwarming and tastes of home.

There are plenty of options of soup to suit your taste. They are healthy (no MSG), flavourful (slow boil for at least 8hrs!) and low in calories. Anything better, you will have to cook yourself!


Thank you Soup Broth Asia for inviting us to taste the new food and beverage menu. We definitely have a good times with the Marketing team, thank you for the warm hospitality.


We have $15 soup broth vouchers and a soup spoon thumb drive for Giveaway. THREE lucky readers of CelestialDelish will receive either one of them. To take part, simply:
1) Like & Share the photo on http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=247486185383391&set=a.183403925124951.43646.128130283985649&type=1&theater
2) Drop a comment what you like about Soup Broth Asia if you wants the vouchers, or what you like about Soup Spoon if you wants the thumb drive.

Closing date on 24 Jan 2013, 10.00AM!

Congratulation to:
Oscar Chee - winner of soup broth asia $10 voucher
Hong Jingting - winner of soup broth asia $5 voucher
Lee Liet - winner of soup spoon thumb drive

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