01 December 2012

The Boxing Crab @ Sentosa


The Boxing Crab
Venue: 80 Siloso Road, Singapore 098969
Contact: +65 6274 7760
Opening Hours: Daily 11.00am - 11.00pm
Website: www.foodjunction.com/brands/restaurant/the-boxing-crab
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheBoxingCrab

- The Shop
Relish fresh seafood and ambrosial dishes at Food Junction's newest seafood restaurant, adjacent to the Underwater World Singapore at Sentosa. The Boxing Crab is a mecca that promises the freshest crabs, crustaceans and the likes. Its philosophy is to bring back a nostalgic gourmet experience where seafood aficionados can savour lucious seafood dishes by the sea.

Nestled in the quaint stretch of Sentosa, the 250 seater restaurant overlooks the panoramic sea. At night, the sky is wonderfully adorned with iridescent lights emanating from nearby structures and you will surely be exhilarated by the sights of traversing cruise liners and ferries too.

If inclined, step out to the alfresco section and feel the sea breezes temper with balmy weather. The sea is just a stone's throw away

They also offers diners a VIP room with its own private balcony, where you will be mesmerized by the serenity view.

- The Food
Energy Enhancer @ $7
A zestful full mix of orange, pineapple, passion fruit, lemon, kiwi juice, yoghurt, ginseng and honey. Surprisingly it is not tangy, mildly sweet, and superb refreshing. Dousing my palate with tropical flavour!

Otah Otah Cigar @ $12
The spring roll-like has an filling of moist and mildly spicy otah with a crisp skin. The fragrant and mouth-watering dish has a taste of nostalgia with a modern twist! And not greasy!!

Steamed Bamboo Clam with Minced Garlic (market price)
The awesome bamboo clam was tender, full of juice and fleshy. The savoury vermicelli in dark sauce, sweet clam and the generous minced garlic form an amazing melange of flavours. My favourite dish of the day!

Charcoal Grilled Marinated Red Snapper @ $28
The fish skin was charred and the fish was a tad dry. But the accompanied chilli sauces did enhance the taste. Loves all the 3 chilli dips, especially the onions and chilli sauce.

Seafood Mee Goreng @ $15/$25/$32
The mee goreng was a little disappointing for me. There is nothing wrong with the dish, but perhaps I was expecting more. It didn't stand out from the rest of the mee goreng I had tried before. Nevertheless, the seafood was plump and succulent!

Braised Claypot Crab with Superior Broth and Pumpkin (market price)
The meaty and juice crab are soused in an umami pumpkin-based broth that was rich, creamy and so potent and piquant that we finished every drop of the sauce! It also has very nice fragrant of curry leaves. Melds perfectly with the pronounced taste of crabmeat.

Caramelized Spices with Curry Leaf Crab (market price)
The crab meat was remarkably sweet and tender. The caramelized spices has a after-tase like one of our hawker delights - black carrot cake! If you are a fan of black carrot cake, you definitely have to try this. A sweet tantalizing taste that you will not forget.

Oh, this boy is not on the menu! At Boxing Crab, they provide an apron, plastic gloves, and the necessary tools to eat your crab in a clean and non messy way. How thoughtful!

Not only you will be spoil with impressive seafood dishes, but there are also sumptuous desserts to completes every meal.

Yam Paste with Gingo Nuts @ $5

Tropic Pineapple Sorbet @ $11.90

Traditional Sicillian Cannoli @ $11.90

Meringue with Chantilly Cream @ $8.90

All the above desserts was a tad sweet for my tooth, except the tropic pineapple sorbet which was lighter in taste and more refreshing. Sweet dessert lovers will sure likes the Meringue with Chantilly Cream (but not for me).

- My Opinion
The restaurant may not be conveniently access compare to many seafood restaurants off the shore. But the beautiful scenery and delicious seafood will compensate the journey. Although the restaurant is not Halal certify, the chefs do not use pork or lard in their dishes.

On a bad note, the crab may cost more than the usual coffee shop but I am sure you won't mind paying for the quality and taste, while accompany by the sea breeze and golden sun/shining stars. After your meal, enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beach, how romantic is that?

Take a rail from Sentosa Express to Beach Station and change to Bus 1 or Bus 2 and alight at Underwater World bus shop. The restaurant is just right behind Underwater World.

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